Teresa McNeece
  • Teresa McNeece
Ms. McNeece,

After reading this morning's news of your decision to cancel Senior Prom to exclude a female student from bringing her girlfriend, I felt compelled to write you not just as another human being but as a McNeece. I am a McNeece with familial ties to Itawamba County and Fulton. My Grandfather grew up there and many extended family members still live there today. Teresa, your decision is in complete contrast to the values, McNeece values, that I was raised with. I was taught that the McNeece name stand for honesty, kindness, fairness and hard work. Nothing in your decision speaks to these values. It is shameful to know that my family name is tarnished by your bigotry and unkindness.

I implore you, as a fellow McNeece, please reverse your decision. Not just because it is the right thing to do but also because it is the McNeece thing to do.

Jesse McNeece
Seattle, WA

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