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Don't know about you but I smell a big gay feel-good-movie coming out of all this...

Can Kelly Clarkson act? She looks astonishingly like the lesbian student all this hullabaloo is about...

BBC Report
Do you wonder if Constance will make the cover of the Advocate?
Do you wonder where she’ll be in 4 years?

take a peek in the crystal ball...

In December 2005, Kerry Pacer, then 17, was featured on the cover of the national gay news magazine The Advocate as its "Person of the Year" — making her the youngest gay person to achieve that honor – for fighting for a "gay-straight alliance" at rural White County High School in Cleveland, Georgia.

where is Kerry now?

The Washington Blade’s Dyana Bagby reported:
But today she lives with her boyfriend, a construction worker, and their baby daughter, Marley, who turns 1 year old on Saturday.
"Well, she’s the most beautiful blue-eyed girl in the world and everybody tells me that so I’m not just being biased, I swear," Pacer said with a laugh.
"I love every minute of motherhood. It’s been a very big challenge, however I love it. I’ve just been trying to work and go to school and take care of my family," she said.
Pacer, who first came out as gay at age 12, is studying nursing at Gainesville State College and hopes becoming a registered nurse will give her a career that will support her family.
"It’s me and the baby and Shannon [Phagan], who is my boyfriend. We’re still together right now," she said. "And he’s doing really good; he’s helping out a lot and he’s really good with the baby." Pacer and Phagan were friends in high school and hung out with the same people.
"Yeah, well, we got together in high school. We started liking each other and started building a relationship. It was just fate we got together," she said.
So it turns out she was bi and, heck, she may be straight-identified now. Still shouldn't be legal to discriminate against her, Trollina, whatever her sexual identity.
2 - your point being? That Kerry, and by virtue of a similar (or not) situation Constance, aren't deserving of praise for fighting against institutional bigotry and discrimination?

"Ooops" -- I think I'm out of troll food.

*Anyone*, regardless of their sexuality, should be praised for fighting for the rights of others. Whether or not they are a card-carrying member of

Go Constance. Go Kerry.
It takes a special talent to engage in anti-Lesbian discrimination against someone who is Straight...
That lady looks suspiciously lesbionic. Maybe she's just jealous that kids these days don't feel the need to torture themselves in the closet and then suffer a loveless marriage to someone of the opposite gender, just to keep up appearances.
Dan, isn't an Itawamba a yeast infection in the rectum?
Hmm. A single softball umpire?
DEFINITION: One who strips a childs soul of their dreams through abuse, hatred and discrimination.

The whole Itawanba High school board are a bunch of SOUL PEDOPHILES!!!

i was a prom queen. I went to prom with a queen. Apparently as long as its gay guy/straight girl or gay girl/straight guy its ok? what about ugly girls/boys that weren't asked, can they go? this place is soul pedophil-ing all kinds of kids. NYC has been called to action on this (like we need to be called, we're there at the discrimination door with a casserole most times.......xo)
Hm. See, I can't help but notice that it's a Mc on Mc fight so near to St. Patrick's day. I'm gonna get thwacked by my own grandfather for this, but jeez, what the hells with all the troubles here?

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