I'm sorting through the more than 2000+ emails that Slog readers have sent to the Itawamba County school board and school superintendent. I'll post more of your letters tomorrow, Sloggers, but I wanted to toss this one up right away.

Dear Mrs. McNeece,

I apologize for calling your voicemail a few minutes ago and not saying anything. I couldn't talk.

I don't think you understand what you're doing to this girl. I am a 17-year-old boy from Indiana, and like Constance I am gay. I am not a second class citizen, and neither is she, and we are not "distractions." I know you must be confused and worried about the state of our nation, I empathize; I'm from a small rural town in Indiana.

I'm sorry my writing isn't particularly fluid. My hands can't stop shaking as I write this. The world is changing, we all must get along, and it pains me that you would do something like this.

I urge you to change your mind. I know my opinion doesn't matter, but please, do the right thing.

I can talk to you about this any time that you'd like. My telephone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Call anytime.


Aaron Gettinger
Member, High School Democrats National Committee
Director of Youth Outreach, Terre Haute PFLAG
President, Wabash Valley Young Democrats
President, Sullivan High School Green Alliance
Deacon, Sullivan First Presbyterian Church

Constance McMillen's Facebook page—"Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend To Prom"—now has more than 38,000 fans/members. Let's get that number up over 40K tonight. And if you haven't already, Sloggers, please join Aaron in contacting Teresa McNeece, Superintendent of Education Itawamba County Schools, directly:

Superintendent Teresa McNeece
phone (662) 862-2159 Ext. 14
fax (662) 862-4713

You can also send McNeece a message via her own Facebook page.

UPDATE: And one more video...