poor thing seems a bit shell-shocked.
You forgot the school superintendent's contact information. Fortunately, I didn't.
Oops. No, you didn't.
Did Dan tell Slog the rest of the story?

This was all news to brave Constance's 15 year old Sophmore girlfriend's parents who have forbidden their daughter to attent, whether or not a prom is held.

(has 18 year old Constance done the nasty with her sweet young thing? That could get her 5 years in Mississippi- 20 years if they got friendly when gf was 14 - let's hope the gf's parents also enjoy the HomoSpotlight....)
Don't forget to message all their facebook friends. Let's be sure the word is out in that little town of 4000 rural Mississippians.
"Don't let the bigots" "bigots" meaning harass them to no end and in any way, because they're evil.

If the same amount of energy would instead be spent in finding another place where the prom could take place. But no that would actually be something that would actually resolve this and thats not what the lobby wants, the lobby seeks to use this girl to have their demands met.
@4: You really got obsessed with the sex life of a girl who just turned 18 and her barely 3-years-younger girlfriend, didn't you? I bet you get excited at the thought of illicit sex and lesbian prison drama. However, I'm sure your critical thinking skills allow you to ferret out that the parents of the girlfriend would have quickly accused Constance of shenanigans, were there any. And it's not like 15 year olds don't end up at the prom with 17 year olds and just-18 year olds; why, back in my day, it happened with a certain regularity and was a badge of honor for the pretty sophomore girl to go to the prom with the popular senior guy.

But thanks for giving another facet to the story: the parents of Constance's girlfriend are more than likely pretty deep in the decision to blame Constance on the cancellation.
@6 Do you not realize that what the school board has done is actually discrimination, and by the laws of man in this land (the laws that matter, thanks to separation of church and state, which is a sacred law in our beloved Constitution) that the MI school board is DOA here?
@6: Isn't that like showing up to preach outside abortion clinics, pride parades, public squares and such telling people they're going to hell? Or quoting scripture in internet threads in order to create an unassailable faith-based position to detract from the conversation at hand? Or saying "you're redefining this" in order to make your victim look like they're stealing something from you so you can make the topic of something like, say, gay marriage, all about you?

I think it's also like a closeted gay man dishing out his self-loathing on the internet in the guise of a married black woman with kids in order to create a thin veneer of self-importance and to gain the upper-hand.
Hotel owner offers to host prom:…
As Constance says,she was raised to be who she is. She was raised to be honest and true to herself. She's not fighting on behalf of some "lobby", although there are plenty of bigots with their own agenda who want to paint it that way. Not surprisingly, though, the school is being very disingenuous about why they've canceled the prom. When asked they simply refuse to give a reason. What are they afraid to admit?
@6... I suppose you think we should have just bought Rosa Parks her own Buick. Segregation Solved!
@8 - While I totally agree with your sentiment, you have to remember this is Mississippi, which, if it is anything like the state I live in (Louisiana), does not have any state laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Yes, federal legislation exists, but I can promise you that law enforcement looks the other way when it comes to enforcing those laws, especially where it concerns sexual orientation.

While such discrimination is undoubtedly motivated by misplaced religious...zealotry, separation of church and state doesn't apply here because no one is explicitly saying that she can't bring her girlfriend due to prevailing religious belief.

But yeah, it is screwed up. Eventually, the south will wake up to what the rest of the country already realizes. But considering racial discrimination is alive and well in small towns (and big cities, quite honestly) in most southern states, I'm not going to hold my breath.
@ LC Calling efforts for equal rights a "lobby" is a tactic designed to marginalize what is in reality a mass social movement. I believe that bigots during the Civil Rights movement used the very same tactic. They also told those who were sitting in at lunch counters to simply find a place where they were welcome. Happily they established the right of Black citizens to sit anywhere they wanted just as the gay movement will establish the right of gay and lesbian people to be anywhwere we choose to be.
Ding Dong the troll is dead, the wicked troll is dead.

Bah Bye
Actually, INTERnational attention.
Has Dan noticed how fat this chick is?
@6, No one has advocated to "harass them to no end and in any way." We are advocating harassing (as in badgering or emphatically communicating to) them until they stop taking out their bigotry on, and teaching it to, children; using contact information these individuals have given to the public. They serve on the PUBLIC school board, where appropriate communication is via public channels.

If you do not condone communication via public channels, please first remove the log from your own eye and stop communicating via this one.
Don't answer LC's absurdities anymore, please. We're right, she's wrong, and if there's a God then He's on our side, not hers. Just keep that in mind when she posts her hate.
'"Don't let the bigots" "bigots" meaning harass them to no end and in any way, because they're evil.'

This is discrimination against a high school aged girl. And, you side with those who are discriminating against her, and who are by their actions, making her vulnerable to being emotionally and physically abused? You proclaim yourself a mother of three, what if that was your child? Should we all turn a blind eye to your child being discriminated against? What kind of "true follower of Christ" supports discrimination? You, obviously.

I hope Constance has a strong core group of friends and that her family will stand with her. I hope knowing that others all over the world find her being discriminated against intolerable empowers her. I've seen what bullying and isolation does to a child and how desperate they become in desiring the pain to end. It's heartbreaking. They loose the ability to see that there present situation is only a 'bad moment' in their lives and to believe that things will get better. When that happens, ending their life becomes an option that they frequently entertain.

So count me as one willing to "harass", because discrimination and marginalization is evil.
I'd like to know what paedagogical purpose is being served by denying students the right to take a same-sex date to the prom. I mean, besides teaching them that discrimination is acceptable. Similarly, I'd also like to know what educational purpose is served by prohibiting female students from wearing trousers.
@18 How many of us here belong to that community ? I bet to say very few, yet the 'leader' has been demanding his followers here since yesterday to inundate these people by phone and email and whatever other way they can come up with in order to boss them around just because 'he' doesn't like that a prom has been cancelled.

That's not communication , communication would've been expressing your disagreement with the school and then if you really cared so much gone ahead and provided the girl and all of those in her school who wanted to join her all that they needed ( including a place , perhaps provided by a certain blogger who seems to 'care' so much ) for a prom regardless of what the school had determined.

Instead the usual opportunist and well funded gay lobby sharks have smelled fresh blood in the water and now see an opportunity to make further demands and impositions upon society by doing it thru their favorite targets the young. They really could care less if this girl has a prom or not, what they care for is having another fresh face in front of the cameras for their agenda.

That's why the 'fearless' 'leader' demands you to do such and such but what has 'he' done ?
Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but there is a group working on an alternative prom that people can donate to. was just announced on the facebook page.
@17, ROFLZ!
@22: Are you touched or something? Or is this another one of your carelessly plotted lies?

Dan is asking readers to:
-Contact the school board and principal
-Potentially consider funding an alternate prom arrangement
-Lend support to Constance, although she's not really interested in it

Read the letters that have been posted. Read all of them. Maybe they'd give you the courage to stop pretending to be this "Loveschild" character and come out of the closet, once and for all.
If you email does not get through, you can use this website to send a free fax:
@ 22, by that logic, Northerners should have just left the South alone and not gone on those Freedom Rides. It was their community, after all. None of our business what they did with their black folk, right?

(I know, I'm already contradicting my own advice, but jeez, this has to be said.)
I am sorry about her bangs, though.
Oh please, LC, I sent a politely worded e-mail to some members of the school board. If that's harassment, then you must have a low opinion of democracy. And since when is it a prerequisite that you live in a particular community to speak out against an act of injustice? Reminds me of the southern segregationists complaining about northerners meddling in their local affairs.
@22 Hateschild you are such a KUNT!!!

Yeah, I said it...

Your choice to remain ignorant and defend the out of touch oppressors of this world (bible molesting Christians) and portray them as a frail cowering victim of the “gay agenda” astounds me and leaves me speechless...

And your hypocrisy is even more nauseating.

In the past, Loveschild, you've made blanket statements condemning adoption by same-sex couples even when it's taken place in communities where you don't live.

I'll keep in mind, in the future, that you only approve of condemning something if it occurs locally.
If everyone sent a postcard to people living there, mentioning how they used to like visiting and spending their tourist dollars, but now can't go ...
Behavior ≠ race.

Besides the fact tht this young lady was not being denied attendance to the prom. So there's not even a remote amount of similarity with segregation laws and this story.

All institutions are made of rules, schools are no different, and all of us ( Black, white, straight and otherwise ) today are not denied participation in any of them. That also means that we are free to observe the rules or not ( free will ) and when one chooses not to then the outcome should not be come as a surprise. Some like to advocate that a selected few should be above the rules that the rest abide by, but that's not the way our society works.
@33 - Sexuality is not behavior. How many times do we need to go over this?

Also, Dan is gay. He's not going to marry you. Find someone else to fall in love with.
how many emails have you sent?, how many facebook pages have YOU signed up up for? how much money have YOU donated to keep this child locked out and harassed just for wanting to go to a school party in a suit..?
FYI, BastardChild, WE are all members of the community of humans concerned about other humans.

Communicating with the school board and principal is appropriate communication. Attempting to communicate with the physical school itself, (the building?) as you suggest, I will leave up to you.

Take your own advice, "If the same amount of energy would instead be spent in finding another place..." to communicate, maybe you would accomplish something. Go talk to that stack of bricks! I bet they will all listen patiently and then go on sitting where they were when you began talking. Just like we do on slog when you chime in.
"Isn’t it amazing that we are all made in God’s image, and yet there is so much diversity among his people? Does God love his dark- or his light-skinned children less? The brave more than the timid? And does any of us know the mind of God so well that we can decide for him who is included, and who is excluded, from the circle of his love?"

-Bishop Desmond Tutu

Consider that, Loveschild. Oh, and please spare us all your talk about abiding by the rules. If you considered a rule or even a law to be unjust, wouldn't you try to change it? Or do you content yourself with just sitting there and complaining that the world isn't the way you think it should be?
very bad, as you have just phrased it is an activity. There hasn't been any scientifically proven evidence that it is a genetic trait, no gay gene has been found. Maybe you can invent one, tho, that still won't make it true. But, your side does specialize in lies and confusion so you may get away with such.

I'm happily married. And even if I wasn't, your leader would not even be at the end of my list. Not even if 'he' lived straight and sought females ..... how can I put this delicately ...... 'he' and those that share 'his' most evident genetic trait are not my type of men.
@33- Hateschild,

Behavior = race and race = behavior

Black Women have highest out of wedlock …

Black Women spread Herpes!! !

Black Women Spread AIDS!!! HIV is the le…
AIDS & Blacks
Black women are 23 times more likely to …

See how easy that was? I can play your game too Hateschild...
We as humans are intellectually and spiritually superior to animals.

-Loveschild, March 2nd, 2010

Loveschild, you can't talk about "scientific evidence" unless you actually know something about science. As the quote above demonstrates, you don't.
Well aren't we ironic and hypocritical.

The one who is protesting that we are wasting our time and efforts writing and faxing letters and calling the school board to "harass" them. The same one who is here hour after hour, day after day, night after night, week after week, month after month, trying desperately to shove their bibles down our throats. The same one telling us how disgusting we are and how sick teh gays are, if we all would only go to church and pray teh gay away, we would be saved for all time.

You want to question what we are doing but WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Please, please enlighten us all and tell us how we can help you with your efforts. Please provide us with detailed notes, phone conversations, emails, faxes, carrier pigeon, slow boat or smoke signal, any and all communications you have put forth in an effort to right this terrible wrong.

We anxiously await an update from you. Time is of the essence here so please get back to us A.S.A.P.
Not even if 'he' lived straight and sought females ..... how can I put this delicately ...... 'he' and those that share 'his' most evident genetic trait are not my type of men.

Guys, guys, guys-- did anyone catch this? He just admitted his Loveschild persona is a racist.
By the way, Loveschild, there isn't any scientific evidence of a "straight" or "heterosexual" gene either, although that may be at least in part because many of our genes work as groups, not singly.

Why do you even bother, though, arguing about scientific evidence? If scientists do find a "gay gene", if there is scientific evidence that homosexuality is inborn and not chosen, it clearly won't change your opinion. Scientific evidence, or the lack of it, is something you only cite when you think it supports your position. When it contradicts your opinion you ignore it.
@38 - So why the hell are you here? Seriously.
Nothing you say is true, and you're just full of hate for everyone here.

What if this was your child Would you still support the school's bigotry?
@44 That's were you're wrong I have not hatred in my heart for those here ( you included ) quite the opposite.

and thnx be to God first, we've educated our kids properly, I do believe that this is something that has to do with education more than anything else.
Genetic trait? Genetic? As in "The science of heredity and variation in living organisms?" As in "The branch of biology that deals with heredity, especially the mechanisms of hereditary transmission and the variation of inherited characteristics among similar or related organisms."

Could you contradict yourself anymore in two paragraphs? "There hasn't been any scientifically proven evidence that it is a genetic trait, no gay gene has been found. But then again wait ..... how can I put this delicately ...... 'he' and those that share 'his' most evident genetic trait are not my type of men."

I thought that was a big fat lie, a fallacy, according to you there is no such thing, GAY IS NOT GENETIC, it's a behaviour.

Really, which one is it? Can't make up your mind? Or your opinion changes with the weather? Or it changes as to what suits you at the time? Or is it really a matter of you just typed, posted and didn't read what you wrote? That's it, and now you can't pin this on anyone but yourself.


33/38/45: "Race" is synonymous with "subspecies." There is only one species of human beings: Homo sapiens, and there is only one subspecies or race of human beings: Homo sapiens sapiens, all descended from common African ancestors. While there are populations human beings that can be broadly differentiated by superficial characteristic like skin tone, hair type and other minor physical differences, even these differences are only minor gradations, not bright lines. In other words, while there are genetic differences between humans these differences are extremely minor, human genetic variation is much lower compared to other species, and, as the Human Genome Project put it: "People who have lived in the same geographic region for many generations may have some alleles in common, but no allele will be found in all members of one population and in no members of any other." In other words, there are no sharp lines when it comes to human genetics. Aattempting to use the concept of "race" to classify human beings is scientifically bankrupt, imprecise, arbitrary, and mediated by culture and politics. "Race" is a socially constructed scientific fallacy.

So much for race; what about behaviour? Human behaviour is influenced by things like culture, situation, persuasion, politics and yes, genetics; in other words, human behaviour and psychological traits are the products of natural and sexual selection.

So. Both "race," that is to say, observable physical differences in human populations, and human behaviour are influenced by a wide range of things including culture, politics, situation and GENETICS. Even if we accept Loveschild repeated plea that homosexuality is purely a form of behaviour, then it follows that it has at least some basis in genetics and is therefore, contrary to her repeated claim, EXACTLY like what she keeps calling race.
Loveschild, thank you for clarifying that homosexuality "has to do with education more than anything else". It explains why you have so little respect for education.
@45: I think I see it now. Self-loathing guy who has a bit of hatred for black women, which is why "Loveschild" is all about teaching kids things like this:

Not even if 'he' lived straight and sought females ..... how can I put this delicately ...... 'he' and those that share 'his' most evident genetic trait are not my type of men.
The argument that behavior doesn't equal race is silly. The reason is that there is no such thing as race. The reality is that there is only one race of human beings, and everyone one of us are descended from common ancestors originating in Africa. Yes it is true that groups of humans that live in the same area share genes, such as those that determine skin pigment, hair color, eye color, etc., but those genes (I should say alleles ) are not unique to that group, they are found in all groups. Just as physical traits are influenced by genetics, so are behaviors. Both are influenced by natural selection and sexual selection. So, reality says that behavior has roots in genetics as does the physical traits of an individual. And that fact renders the argument " behavior ≠ race" as silly. Like it or not we are one people, and it is time to put away childish things and grow up.

Anyway, Dingo said this far more elegantly on the" Hateful and Pathetic Old Closet Case Comes Out" thread on Monday, 8 March, 2010. His post is worth a read in my opinion.

Thanks, Dingo!
Will this will teach me to skip reading all the comments. Dingo's post @ 47 makes my post @ 50 redundant. Sorry.
@45- It's heartbreaking when Christians say "I don't hate you," even when their words and actions express the opposite, just because their religion tells them they're supposed to love everyone. "I don't hate you. I'm like Jesus."

LC: Failing is expected in Christianity. No one is perfect. If you want to become a better Christian, admit to yourself that you hate Dan and his gay lobby. Merely praying for them doesn't absolve you of that hatred or remove it from your heart. And don't be afraid to pray for yourself - for tolerance, say, or some insight into where this hatred is coming from.

You are not infallible. You're not supposed to be.
To show what a massive hypocrite Loveschild is, in her comment at #22, she states, "How many of us here belong to that community ?"

Anybody else remember when she commented on helping those in the State of Maine in overturning their gay marriage law by phone banking or whatever she did to help them do it? Yet, she doesn't "LIVE" or "BELONG" to that community either.

I still think LC is Poe trying to instill hatred for african-american xtian women among the slogging community. Don't take his bait, people! LC does not exist.
Those "bigots" you talk about are actually nice people. They are not evil, they are just standing up for what the Word of God says. Maybe many of you are the evil people because of the way you criticize the way they do their jobs.
Those "bigots" you talk about are actually nice people. They are not evil, they are just standing up for what the Word of God says. Maybe many of you are the evil people because of the way you criticize the way they do their jobs.
Looks like you've put your finger on the problem quite nicely there. "The Word of God" has no place in a public school paid for by taxpayer dollars. You have a right to believe whatever you want to believe, but you have no right to shove your beliefs down anyone else's throat.
Maybe that's the whole problem. The school should function around Christian beliefs, for isn't this the right thing to do? What's right is now wrong, and people are accepting new things that used to be taboo. Since the Bible is the inspired Word of God, it should be defended and supported with no exceptions.
No, dipshit, it's not the "right" thing to do. In fact, it's dead wrong. I don't know what country you're living in, but here in America, we have this funny little thing called the Constitution, which says that you have absolutely no right to use tax dollars to inflict your fucked-up religion on the rest of us. If ypou don't like that, you're welcome to move somewhere else.
Hahaha that's pretty effective, insulting me like you are doing. However, that doesn't help your credibility one bit. Christianity can be used in the school system and not deprive people of their education. This is a school prom. It does not have to be done. So, it is something officials can control with a Christian mindset, which is exactly what is being done. Go ahead and try to be cool with your cursing, but know that behind all of your bull crap, there is a right and a wrong. Those so called "bigots" are standing up for what the Bible says is right.

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