Anne Bobanne is officially my hero.
They just took down McNeece's page.
#2, And just when she was getting her own stalwart champion!
I think the page was disabled. Figures...Coach McCoward.
I love his last bit - he never graduated but at least he doesn't take it in the ass! Yeah - now who's the smart one?

Well gosh... he told me, didn't he?
See? Proof that heteros do love the anal:

"if you want to be a shit packer be a shit packer.. but do it in your own house just like me and my wife..."
Wait, is "faget" the French spelling or something?
Cuz you know all this commotion is about, um... Us "fagets" wanting to "take it in the as$"… It got nothin’ to do with civil rights… y’all.
I don't think he understands what a lesbian is.
Is this supposed to give us a good feeling about the quality of education there? Can't spell or use the English language worth a cråp.
And that's again kind of ignoring the fact that these are high school lesbians, right? Not two dudes. Two young women.

I... really, there are a number of criticisms you could raise against his arguments.
The fact that he can't putting a penis in a butt when talking about a lesbian is quite telling.
Anne, Anne, Bobanne, Bananna Fanna Fo Fan, Fee Fie Mo Man, Anne!
Ugh, I meant, "...can't SEPERATE putting..."
YOU FAGETS IS A BUNCH OF MORANS!! Any dang idjit can tell you ain't su'posed to wriggle yer weewee around in no poopshoot.
Oh, can can I say how much I love the fact that unregistered comments aren't allowed? About damn time!
... oops, sorry, that was my fault.

/posted porn
it never ceases to amaze me that ignorant americans truly believe that practicing tolerance means tolerating intolerance.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaar har har har har
Utahns are just happy that someone else appears to be more backwards than they are...
Oh. My. God.

I can't stop laughing.
i dont take it in the ass so who is the smart one?

Atenshon Lebaneezes ur doin it rong.

@17: Wait, I've been away -- when did that happen?!?
I thought the deleted page was just a group... technically somebody could go start another group in her name right?

Unless there are two Teresa McNeece's in Mississippi, I thought this was her actual page:…

The 'teacher' as profession doesn't quite add up though, so I'm not sure. I mean I suppose she was probably a teacher some time before becoming superintendent... but you think she'd have updated that. Anyone know if this is her real page or not? I tried snooping for her credentials, but they escaped me entirely...
Her page may be gone, but the erudite young mans page is linked from his name above.
Hint, hint...
Look for the whining from right-wing and Christianist media about how those mean nasty evil homosexual activists harassed poor dear sweet stalwart Christian Teresa right off of Facebook in 3....2....1
Remember, there's a rat in separate.
this is so horrible. this person should be railing against the educational system that failed him. i pity him.
#7 for the win. Just do it your own house like Jeremy Simmons and his wife.

So wait, McNeese was a female coach, and doesn't like lesbians? Well take away my tennis racket and acoustic guitar!
an edyuocashen is four fagets...
"...though i dont agree with the dicision i also live in Itawamba Mississippi and i know you was in a no win situation."

Oh, you were so close! Despite the spelling and grammar atrocities I actually thought that this might be someone trying to make a halfway decent point. Then I kept reading and...

"...keep your opinions out of Mississppi putting this nasty ass gay shit on her wall like anyone wants to see your broke back mountain shit."

I obviously have too much faith in people. Also, good job misspelling your own home state! That's a special kind of fail.
That's pronounced "fah-ZHEY", right? (Singular and plural: same pronunciation.)
Anne Bobanne, I think we all owe you a drink.
@ 25, 17, that's only been done on these threads about Constance and Teresa. Most of the other threads are still open to trolling. Slog only does this once in a while. They did it when slogging about the murdered police, for example.

I know! I thought the same thing. But nope, we get this... I have no words. Uneducated hick that perpetuates every stereotype about Mississippi you care to look up might do it, though.
If McNeece was the best teacher he ever had, the Itawamba County School District should be very, very worried right now.
Why does loveschild never show up in these threads?
WoW! how brave of dan. picking on a teenager.

I'm glad people are seeing the viciousness, those in doubt about what the future holds if more societal approval is given to this, here you have it.
39@ I bet you're liking these sort of abuses don't you cheerio ? After all it's dan doing the bullying.
Loveschild @40,

I'm pretty sure that this guy, even if he were a teenager (his wife and son, mentioned and profile picture'd on Facebook respectively, indicate otherwise) would deserve ridicule. Teenagers capable of formulating such unmitigated stupidity don't deserve coddling. The endorsement of gay marriage will result in public ridicule of people who post hateful, vulgar, mis-spelled cyber-vomit? Even if they are, gasp, teenagers? Count me an even stronger supporter.

One of the vast majority of 19-year-olds who know better.
well, well....
It's Liberal Enlightened Openminded Slog's fav o rite passtime-
congratulating ourselves on how much smarter we are than...
who is the target today...
oh yes
a Mississippi teenager...
of course our comments are respectful,
after all,
we are Liberal Enlightened and Openminded.
oh yes, best of all,


(but, mostly;
totally Full of Shit...)
but darn! the injustice of it all-

Hundreds of Thousands
of homosexuals from
all around the world
gallantly diligently posting
obnoxious self righteous comments
and obscene pictures
on facebook pages
that haven't been visited by their owner
since 2007 just to have it all
* poof * disappear...

that my friends,
is the real injustice here...
@42 If what you say is true then my bad, but I've got to disagree with you about him deserving ridicule. There are many places in the world where this wouldn't even be allowed to reach this point, if you're asking for tolerance you'd better walk humbly and extend the same to those ( who happen to be in the majority ) with a totally legitimate different view.

If that's the face homosexuals want to project to the rest of the world then be prepared to be seen as such, and don't go calling names to those who point to it.
@ 45, there is no need to tolerate ignorance and hate. So no one here is being a hypocrite by laughing at this leotard. You, though, are being one by defending the hater rather than loving the victim (which, since we need to remind you, is Constance).
@ 43, you must not think much of this guy if you think he's a teen too.

On another topic, why is your profile activity hidden, coward?
Gosh Matt, are you a fan?
Just something I've noticed about you trolls (when you're forced to register) - gee, we can't see your activity. What have you got to hide? Go make it visible.

Notice how you don't answer my other question. Probably because you also can't admit when you made a mistake. So sad to be unable to do that.
Don't be sad, Matt.
Her actual page is not deleted.…

Just her McNeece for Supervisor page!

You're very presumptive about me aren't you? I don't think I've ever been so disrespectful of you as you have been to me. I'm one of the few people on here that at least tries to listen to what you have to say and you can't even be bothered to keep your discourse respectful to me? Is it because I'm gay? You treat me like dirt and I'm frankly tired of it. I have nothing more to say to you and I kindly ask that you refrain from ever speaking to me.
@45: In this comment, you say that Dan and Terry are exposing their son to child molesters (and by extension, suggesting their son has been molested):…

In this comment, you suggest gay men are attempting to destroy your family:…

So in one thread you ridicule Dan and Terry's parenting, and in the other, you ridicule gay men at their core.
@45: And in this one, in which two men were called "fags" and beaten severely, you ridicule them and belittle the assault:…

Here's your comment, as a refresher:
42 How do you really know they were attack for being gay? Homosexuality is not some trait you can identify on other when on the streets. The truth is you can't really know. For all we know they could've been involved in some gangs or in illicit drug trafficking or prostitution or this could've been something done by other gays to them. The thing is this sort of violent acts have been happening to all Seattlelites and it just seems that all this could easily boil down to a few taking advantage of the spike in violent acts to further their own agendas and trying to play on the emotions of some. Not saying this is necessarily the case here but it's a possibility and until the police thoroughly investigate the incident, I'm not going to rush into conclusions.
@45: Here you ridicule Dan for the color of his skin and my partner for being gay:…

I can't be totally certain, but I'm pretty sure racism goes beyond "ridicule".

I'm happily married. And even if I wasn't, your leader would not even be at the end of my list. Not even if 'he' lived straight and sought females ..... how can I put this delicately ...... 'he' and those that share 'his' most evident genetic trait are not my type of men.

You're a silly, silly man, Loveschild.
I finally understand Loveschild; she thinks that being anti-gay is a "legitimate point of view." Poor, stupid thing.
Baconcat, well documented (and I have a corgi mix myself.) I'd rather have the idjits in the sunlight than lurking in the trolling shadows.

BTW, I actually did let Anne Bobanne know about this post and she was giddy--let's see where this goes.
If Jeremy Simmons' FB page wasn't hyperlinked from this article I'd swear his comment on McNeece's page was an over-the-top prank. For example, his repeated discussion of hetero anal sex. And I didn't think anybody from Mississippi had even *heard* of Brokeback Mountain.
Just throwin' this out there... the "Let Constance take her girlfriend to the prom" page now has over 130,000 fans. Incredible.
and this, my friends, is what we call a ZING!
To any casual homophobic troll (or regular commenter, don't want to leave you out LC!) who is saying that the current condemnation of a grown woman victimizing a student in her care is actually indicative of how intolerant gays really are, a thought.

Don't forget us straight allies!

You keep condemning and insulting and belittling gays and lesbians for being intolerant, sick, amoral etc. etc. and I'm feeling left out! I'll have you know that there are legions of straight people who, despite our opposite sex "preference" fit just fine into your little depravity category. Have a little sensitivity. The next time you want to write "You is just doin dis because you hates Jeezus and alls you homo-gays is covered in shit and going to hell" please edit to "You is just doin dis because you hates Jeezus and alls you homo-gays AND STRAIGHT ALLIES is covered in shit and going to hell"

Thank you :-)
Loveschild == Closeted queen, IMHO.
is everyone sending friend requests to these assfucks?

I love you.

Thanks for your support.
Thanks ACLU, freedom and justice are for everyone. Just gave $50 to the National office to help Constance and $50 to the Michigan chapter.
J. Utah
Who is the smart one, you ask, Jeremy?

You is not. Four shure.

Doan ass and we woant tail.
We don't need facebook to tell her how we feel

Itawamba County School District
Teresa McNeece, Superintendent
605 S. Cummings Street... See More
Fulton, MS 38843
Phone: (662) 862-2159
Fax:(662) 862-4713

Itawamba Agricultural High School
Principal: Trae Wiygul
11900 Hwy 25 S
Fulton, MS 38843
Fax: (662)862-5494

What his home number?? just look on

Go ahead and send them a fax ;)

Free Fax Service

You have to use a real email but how hard is it to make one of those...;)

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