Spring Forward: Set your clocks ahead one hour, assuming your cell phone overlords didn't automatically do it for you.

No Bush Policy Left Alone: Obama to ask Congress to overhaul No Child Left Behind.

Oh, and while you're at it: Christopher Dodd proposing bill to regulate executive pay and otherwise overhaul banking laws.

Some people would pay good money for that: 600 Boeing 737s face emergency inspections after "severe vibration" incident.

In case you haven't already had your fill of curling: Winter Paralympic Games going on now until March 21 in Vancouver.

Aplets and Cotlets unharmed, for now: Invasive fruit flies attacking peach and berry crops in the Northwest.

Bangkok Election Control Board: Up to 250, 000 protesters in Thailand want their old Prime Minister back.

I'm surprised Fox News hasn't tried this yet: TV station in Republic of Georgia broadcasts hoax report of Russian invasion and death of President Saakashvili; panic ensues.

Next on CSI Denmark: Fifty-one beheaded men from Viking era unearthed during British construction for 2012 Olympics.

Whew! Earthquake off Oregon Coast Friday not strong enough for anyone to actually feel.

This is your butt on drugs: Former Utah Jazz player arrested with marijuana hidden "between his buttocks".