Does this mean there will be pubes in my tea?
I'm a little amazed that the left really hasn't gone after Obama for his really pathetic rehash of No Child Left Behind. And how most didn't say anything about his support of the school district in Rhode Island (?) who two weeks ago fired the teachers and the principals for bad performance. Obama called it "holding them accountable". Which is quite interesting since the banks that drove the economy were never held accountable, the previous administration that committed war crimes were never held accountable.

But god damn it, the teachers are going to be held to account!!

Wake me when we pursue sound education policy that is based on educating our students instead of treating schools like competing corporations.
Roger Ailes is at least as nuts as Glenn Beck. Don't expect any changes any time soon.
"Fox News finally notices that Glenn Beck is a fucking lunatic. "

I was looking for an Onion article.
NPR played about 2/3s of Airplane yesterday as a way to commemorate Graves' death. I think they have a big fan on staff.
Grats to France and Constance!
@5: It's hard not to have a big fan of Airplane on staff.


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