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Reddit is a fickle bunch of xkcd-reading geeks and old people. Unfortunately Teh Gays don't register on their radar as strongly as general politics.
Since she's lost those terrible bangs, okay, I will.
Done, though Reddit's a terrible thing that is welcome to die any day now, if you ask me.
That comment by "mrjoebert" is so on target and sadly what he proposes seems to be what the people who are instigating this want to see happen.
@4: Yes, voicing disapproval of singling out a student and blaming them for "ruining" a major event in the lives of teenagers. Showing a dislike of this pattern of attacking kids and teens until they kill themselves or sink into a spiral of depression that leads them to create fanciful online personae like that of an unassailable black mother of two that is "defending traditional values" against "hostile" gays.
53-49? C'mon, slog.
Dan! Do an IAmA!!!!
Slog allows the names of commenters that they disagree with to be hijacked.

impostor @ 5
@9: Wah wah wah.

Dan's got 3 or 4 spoof profiles, and you've got one. Two if you count the one you currently post as regularly.
Are you kidding? Loveschild posts as several different people (at least a couple registered and sometimes unregistered) trying to stir up shit. Loveshild's a troll people. Haven't you realized it yet?
not so fast amigo
Dan's lackeys delete anything remotely resembling a spoof (Don Savage? Really?) asap.
That is one ample hunka hunka gal.
Dan must be gritting his teeth.....
The comments are really off. What's wrong with sending a message to someone at their place of work when it involves what they are doing with their work. You're allowed to tell someone that you disapprove of their actions.

People are assuming that disapproving = sending rude e-mails and phone calls. No people, that's not necessarily the case.
"Reddit" requires registration and looks like some kind of spam site. I am not comfortable registering for that garbage. If some of your choose to, good luck to you.
@14 Aly, the problem is that it borders on harassment and persecution. For example, dan has called for, and I quote, "massive retaliation" and for people to "come down hard on this school", and that's dangerous because people can do crazy things when they hear such calls by people like dan whose main goal is to make an example out of this school and those with a total different point of view.
Loveschild, if that is really you, I trust you'll say exactly the same thing the next time some school decides to have a whites-only prom.
@16: Oh, because nobody boycotts companies for being pro-gay?…

Nobody protests at schools for putting on things like the Laramie Project or having a GSA?…

Nobody protests against pro-gay legislation, using their kids to hold signs?…

Nobody protests against pro-gay legislation, using their kids to hold signs?…

As a bonus, here's Loveschild's prediction for the outcome of SB 5688:…
@17 Funny how gay people standing up for themselves is "harassment". I guess we're all supposed to just hate ourselves and cower in the corner like those log cabin morons....
@17 Behavior ≠ race.
@20: So, really, what does Constance do that constitutes unsavory behavior? Care to explain what it is she does that makes this excusable?

Moreover, the largest part of racial bias is based on perceived behaviors, many of these perceived behaviors looked down upon within the targeted communities themselves.
@20 Religion ≠ race. And yet religion is protected under hate crimes legislation because people get targeted because of their religion.
This has nothing to do with Ms. Constance, she may well be a very nice young lady. This is about compliance with rules and school policy. If for example say a straight student from that same school had also refused to observe school policy then I'm sure the officials would've taken the same actions. Or are we saying that schools should have no rules ? If that's whats being advocated for here then we might as well give up on schooling our youth.
This has nothing to do with Ms. Constance

I see, this is how you're trying to use someone you thought was a minor as a political tool while at the same time you claim that minors should not be used as political tools.

Perhaps you should look at the details of the story, Loveschild. The school canceled the prom for the entire student body because of Ms. McMillen's (Constance is her first name--can you not even get that right?) request. The cancellation was apparently an attempt to make other students blame her and ostracize her for making a request. If the school administrators had simply turned down her request then you might have a point.

Besides, are you saying that if a rule is unfair then the students--and their parents, for that matter--should simply accept it without questioning it? Because, after all, fair or not, if we start questioning the rules that might require teaching people to think critically.
@20 - Sexual orientation IS NOT behavior.

And even if it was, it is still none of your business who other people are sleeping with.
@25-Funny enough someone else has said something very similar. On February 9th, Loveschild said, "What you do in your privacy is your business."…

Is of-age 18 year old Constance having sex with her 15 year old minor 'girlfriend'?
if so the State of Mississippi considers it to be their business.
@26 - That just continues the long string of this person contradicting themselves.
Loveschild, re: your response to 17, behaviour is EXACTLY the same thing as race, but in this case that wasn't the question. I asked if you would take the same position if a school decided to hold a whites-only prom (something that undoubtedly a significant number of people would support).
I believe that Loveschild, having been thoroughly refuted once again, may have given up this thread, but I would like to address this "breaking the rules" canard again--and probably not for the last time.

If Ms. McMillen simply wanted to break the rules she could have gone to the prom alone and met her girlfriend there, or probably even convinced some young man to go with her and still met her girlfriend at the prom. Instead she chose to follow the rules. She went to the school administrators and declared, openly, her desired date for the prom--just like everyone else.

If the school administrators had a problem with her date they had an opportunity to say so. Instead they chose to punish all the students and make an example of Ms. McMillen because they lack the courage of their convictions.

This isn't about breaking rules. This is about Ms. McMillen demonstrating more courage than the school administrators.

Actually, while I agree with you to a point, 30, it's not even about that. It's about the fact that it is ILLEGAL to discriminate in the manner the school did and is doing. It's a violation of McMillen's First Amendment right of free speech, and courts have consistently found that actions such as this school board have taken (cancelling the prom) are in themselves a violation of her First Amendment rights.
@ 1, 3 and 15

I am a Reddit subscriber and it is not a spam site, it is not filled with just geeks that read "xkcd", and old people.

I have belonged to Reddit for several months now and have never been spammed. I do not read xkcd, am not a spammer, or am old (33yo this year).

I suggest that people do not type about a subject (Reddit) when they do not know anything about it.
@32 I agree.

Reddit is one of the least spammed sites on the internet because of their unique spam filter and each 'subreddit' or community has it's own separate moderators.

It's not easy to 'game'. Nor do they have power users like digg. SEO's and blogspammers been complaining about it for years, and will continue too. It's because of this that makes them one of the best news aggregator sites on the internet. Words like 'fickle' as #1 claimed, is just another word for 'can't spam it'.
That site looks like it's full of self-righteous people who have no true friends, I'll pass on this one.

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