All the rednecks that said "Eeeewwww" when Neal Patrick Harris came out just said "Cool!"
All women are bi, I thought you already knew that, Dan.
This just upped the ante for my Rogue fantasy ;-)
She won an Oscar for The Piano. How do you not know this? I know this and I've never seen the movie.
Um... because I'm one of the four fags in the country who doesn't watch the Oscars and doesn't care? Because I can't keep track of every celebrity on earth?

I've actually seen True Blood and I liked her. But I didn't commit the names of the cast to memory. My bad.
Courtesy of Hollywood lobby dot org. Because they feel the need to dictate to the rest of America their West Hollywood 'values'.
you know it was the girl kiss in Almost Famous what turned her...
Don't forget Fly Away Home!
Loveschild, you're the only one who insists on dictating values, in spite of the fact that you don't have any.
She also has a decent part in 25th Hour.
another LUG looking for gay cred.
Bi girls...they will make out with you, but they end up marrying men because they want babies.

And yes, about 95% of women are bisexual.
Do you have to "come out" as bisexual? I thought it was just kind of a general assumption...
The Bi's can have her...

P.S. I want to kick the ass of Elton John's ugly wig...
I'm bisexual & I give a damn too.
The last thing I thought they were doing in the PSA is dictating their values. It sounded more like simple human decency to me. We all know you DON'T give a damn about others.

@8: Right, because nobody is gay, bisexual, etc. before Hollywood gets ahold of 'em.
#7 - there's lesbian's in West Hollywood?
Because having a fiance obviously means someone is not bisexual, right Dan?
@2, 13, 14

Um, what? I wouldn't touch a chick with a ten-foot pool. Nasty. I think lots of insecure straight chicks feign interest in the same sex to keep their hetero boyfriends happy. Stupid. Wish it worked in reverse and men were flirting with other dudes in front of me to turn me on. Fuckin' bullshit society.
Sorry, still don't care.
@21: "Wish it worked in reverse and men were flirting with other dudes in front of me to turn me on."

God, yes.
You don't know she won an Oscar, a pretty well-known fact, but you watch shitty shows like RuPaul and Project Runway (okay, I've never seen them)? Wow, the Oscars must really, really suck.

Is it me or is Neil "Please Love Me" Patrick Harris really annoying these days? Same for Ellen and here stupid sneakers. Isn't she 60 now? Or is that Madonna?

April Fools Day should be National Coming Out Day for Closeted Celebrities. I'm talking to you Queen Latifah, Jodie Foster, Anderson Cooper, and kd lang.

Don't forget the Squid and the Whale.
@21 As a bi woman, I had the opposite experience... all the men I dated (except one awesome GGG guy) bent over backwards to try to convince me I wasn't really bi... I couldn't be, I was dating them! It was almost like they took it as an insult that I would have been equally happy had they been born with vaginas and boobies. (except that one guy... damn he was awesome)
"Courtesy of Hollywood lobby dot org. Because they feel the need to dictate to the rest of America their West Hollywood 'values'."

Are you trying to win the hypocrite award of the year or something? You're always trying to dictate your values to others here. Thankfully your behavior saves many of us from the need to take you seriously.
24: kd lang came out in 1992 and is an active gay rights campaigner, so I don't know what more you want from her.
I thought Jodi Foster and kd lang were out?

For what it's worth, I like the dyke scene better in LA than I do in San Francisco.

Hum, I'm totally happy that she's bi... engaged or not. It's not like I'd have a chance even without the male fiance... so why should I care that he's there?
@24: Yeah, k.d. lang has been out FOREVER.
Engaged? Aw, shucks. I guess everybody will just have to fantasize about Lindsay Lohan now instead.
Straight men know exactly who Anna Paquin is, Mr. Savage. This is very good news. In a hypothetical sort of way, but still very good news.
I frankly don't give a damn about Anna Paquin. But who is the hottie in the gray tee and brown vinyl jacket??? Let me get my dental dam.
I'd also like to add, I think it's bullshit for little kids to be awarded Oscars.
@ 24 - Yeah, I think the story a coupla years ago about Jodie Foster breaking up with her longtime partner kinda equates with her NOT being in the closet, gnome sane?

Anyway, what is this huge insistence on the part of the mouth-breathing public with having celebrities publicly announce their sexuality?? I hardly think it's anybody's business, but their own... amirite?
@ 35 - Tell that to Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, and Tatum O'Neal.
Once again Dan demonstrates that he's bad at math. Because many more people are heterosexual or bisexual (and therefore willing to be in an intimate relationship with an opposite sex partner) than homosexual or bisexual (and therefore willing to be in an intimate relationship with a same sex partner), a bisexual person who has no preference for one sex over the other should end up with an opposite sex partner nine times out of ten. If 95% is hetero/bi and 10% is gay/lesbian/bi, a bi person's dating pool is 47.5% of the first group and 5% of the second. That means that person's dating pool is 90.5% opposite sex and 9.5% same-sex. Why should we be surprised when bisexuals are more likely to end up in opposite-sex pairings with those odds?

Dan Savage: not just a biphobic asshole, but an innumerate biphobic asshole to boot.
Pwned by Dan Savage. Sweet.
Just to throw it out there, Anna Paquin also played one of the main characters (Rogue) in one of the most successful movie franchises in recent history (X-Men). It's not like she has a hidden career.
@26: In my experience as a bi lady, men like to fuck bi girls because they can fantasize about the 3somes, but a lot (not all, some were wonderfully GGG like that guy you mentioned) but a lot of the men I have been with have had this irrational fear of me leaving for a woman. Talk about reverse penis envy :S
cool, i guess. but she's my least favorite part of True Blood AND X-men.
@41: Yeah. I'm not bi, but I've talked about FFM threesomes with my BF, and that's his justification for not having one. Don't even talk to him about MMFs.

(As an aside, how do we order the letters in those abbreviations? I feel we should order them in the way we think the sex takes place ... e.g. MFM or FMF sandwich. But it seems like convention is to pair the two same letters side by side.)
@37 - I don't want to argue what it really means to win an Oscar, I just think it's weird when they giv'em to little kids, BUT...

In Anna Paquin's case, I didn't realize she was 11 when she won (was she that age when in the film, or at the ceremony?)I thought she was much younger... but then, they weren't about to give it to Rosie Perez or Winona Ryder.

Judy Garland won an Academy Juvenile Award, but never an actual Oscar—but of all of them though, she's arguably the one that matured into an Oscar-worthy actor.
@38: And once again AnonymousCoward proves that he/she has negligible reading comprehension. I believe the point Dan was making was that she MUST be bisexual if she's engaged to such an effeminate or androgynous dude as Moyer. I wouldn't know about Moyer, though, as I gave up on anything vampiric in American popular culture a long time ago.
Only recognized Elton and Whoopi out of the whole bunch. And except for the first few, NOBODY mentioned whether they were gay, straight, or bi--they just said they give a damn. K. D. lang has been out for a long time. I thought Cooper was out. Hasn't Foster been outed about a thousand times? As far as I know she's never denied it. Best wishes.
Who and who cares?
I interpreted Dan's statement that her engagement proves she's bisexual to mean "as opposed to lesbian" -- for all the people who strangely don't believe in bisexuality and think that it's only something people say as they are slowly progressing out of the closet. My take on it, at least.
@24 has a good idea, tho.
I think Dan was simply trying to be funny, but #38, that was epic.

And #15, thanks. I'm glad to have her.

After Tatum, she is the next youngest person to cop an Oscar.…
(@ 15)...thinking that wig might actually have an ass of its own to kick...
@45 That's what I thought, too. Not that Moyer is that effeminate. But I sure didn't get the expression that Dan was being biphobic. Loosen up, people.
@45 - No, I think he meant that the fact that she ended up with a man "proves" that she's bi. (Most bi women partner with men, and most bi men partner with men as well.)
I adore "Sookie" in so many ways...
#54 - Not according to Dan. Bi men just break gay mens' hearts and end up marrying women, those slimeballs.

#53 - Given Dan's on-record statements about bisexuals, the implication of his statement is pretty clear. This isn't a case of "loosen up" but "Dan why can't you shut your big mouth." Ugh. I'm tired of constantly having to defend him to my justifiably angry bi boyfriend when he repeatedly says shit like this.
I married a bi woman (I am a man). She has eaten more pussy than I have and had a two year primary relationship with a woman. Now, ten years after we married (15 years after we started dating) and two kids later, she doubts whether she is still bi.

I don't think Dan is really that far off in his assessment of female bisexuals.
#57 - It's great that your sample size of one provides you with such stunningly clear data.
#56 Why defend him, though? Dan's a known biphobic dirtbag. He's been a biphobic dirtbag since at least the early 90s. It's always gonna be that way. What's there to defend?
@58, Just like yours does, right?
#60 - I didn't make any claims about bisexual people, I just spoke to Dan's pidegonholing and stereotyping OF them. Take a basic stats course, dude.

#59 - I'm starting to wonder. I find him funny, I love his books, I think he's the best advice columnist out there wrt to practical, honest relationship advice. Unfortunately his outdated bi stereotyping taints all that. Lately, particularly on the podcast, he'd seemed to be getting better on the bi issue. I had hope, what can I say?
@2 right on the money, she's super hot and I bet she has a thing for super hot ladies. Not necessarily the carpet munching homo, but the kind that appreciates the beauty of a woman and really doesn't give a fuck what parts you have, just as long as you get them off.
I just tried to link this to a Friend via Facebook message and it came up with Loveschild's thumb-nail image. WTF.
Yeah Vootins @63, I just tried it too and came up with the avatar for 21 SLOGgers that are on this comment thread. Not sure what's wrong with the link.
Good for her. So what if she's engaged to a man? That's a whole part of the being bi package - you're attracted to both sexes. Does she need to be having sex with a man and a woman simultaneously at all times to prove that she's bi?

I think us bisexuals are screwed whatever we do. If we don't come out, we're closet cases relishing in our heterosexual privilege. If we do come out, we're faux bisexuals only saying it for the attention. If we end up with a man, then we were never really bi. If we end up with a woman, then clearly we were lesbians in denial all along.

This biphobia bullshit is getting old.
I'd just like to announce that I'm an omnivore who supports PETA. Sure, I'm eating meat now, but I could be a vegetarian tomorrow.
I sincerely hope that both Paquin AND Moyer are bi, myself...

I'm already thinking of naughty three-way repertoire...
Yeah yeah yeah. We did fatbaiting recently, there's the usual standard st00pid ppl baiting, which seems to always work, there was last week's trans ppl not-love & then & YES, just in time to keep things lively for you, Dan, there's a hot bisexual actress babe who is gonna marry - a DOOD. 'cause guh-hee, those bi's never have the conviction to just be out & be with someone of the same gender. Rile up those angry bi's!

An aside to fellow Sloggers: I don't think Dan meant to point out Ms. Paquin's engagement as a commentary on her being bi vs. being a lesbian or the effeminate qualities of her fianceé. He didn't know who she was before this. Hey, if y'all read Dan's friend Ellen Forney's book, I Love Led Zeppelin, there's a story in there authored by Dan, wherein he meets the first guy he fools around with (bi) & his girlfriend (who is also bi, says narrator Dan, "because she said so". Catty!). The boy was sweet but then moved on fast, the girl was pissed & let Dan/others know (total bitch move BTW). If that tale is true, both of the first bi's Dan met were flaky schmucks. Even if one fooled around w/ him. Kinda hard to erase a first impression. Also, maybe Dan was jealous that the dreamy boy walked off w/ his girl - who BTW acted PO'd about boy & Dan, though initially Dan thought she approved - as opposed to OH, Our Hero, Dan.

Who knows..?

Ya know, Dan, the first gay guy *I* made friends with, was a poor dude who was struggling w/ coming out, & I was too young to have gaydar. I got a crush, we made out one hot summer night all night long, & the next morning he told me that although I was the bee's knees, the last night's experiment was just that, he was sorry. Ol' Bob was gay & off to San Francisco. (Late 80's, that was what y' did.) *I* don't resent *gay men* because Bob broke my 15-year-old heart. Dan - let it go.

& if that has nothing to do w/ it, fine, but that's my theory & I'm sticking to it. 'cause I just had a hot-n-heavy argument w/ a conservative-leaning pal this weekend, trying to explain that gay relationships, lesbian relationships & between two bi folks are just as valid as straight ones, deserve marriage rights etc. It was a long & passionate argument. Then to come home & see the guy I've been reading for over a decade do his usual anti-bi Watusi, 'cause it's teh bi's turn to be agitated - he w/ the most comments wins- just..GREAT TIMING DAN. :/ Self-appointed spokesgay, you are losing the support of someone who's marched in marches & fought the good fight for her community (though I caught shit @ marches/bars too, care less though). 'cause you keep smirkily implying her orientation just isn't queer enough or ain't real or some bullshit.

When your advice is right on, it's so right on, D. But I've had just as many girlfriends as boyfriends, didn't have much real say in my orientation & would think you of all ppl would get that. WTVR.

Eh..too tired to be a full-on "cliché" angry bi. Just a sleep-dep'd irritated bi. Let me bring this back to what I shoulda said:

Anna Paquin is sure purdy. That's nice, as someone said above, just opens up a little more fantasy fodder. Though I'd knock her over to get at a pre-weight-loss Christina Ricci, any day of the week & 2X on Sunday.

*looks up* OK! Smoking + 3 plane changes + sleep dep + too much coffee + the anti bi perceived sentiment (look at that benefit of the doubt) apparently = running off @ the keyboard. I meant most of the above but woulda said it in half the words.

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