...and her fifth-grade teacher allegedly didn't approve:

Peterson said there was a pattern of tension between [Jenna] Bissell and her teacher, including over an assignment in which students were asked to write a book about themselves. On one page, they were asked to write about something they did over the summer, and Bissell said she wrote about her parents' wedding in Iowa, where gay marriage is legal. "She threw out the whole page about where my moms got married and how beautiful it was," Bissell said, referring to the teacher. "She said, 'This is gross, this is horrible, you need to write about something else.'"

Jenna's moms kept her in the school "hoping the situation would improve." It didn't:

Jenna Bissell says she sat in her fifth-grade class for hours with a gash on her face, dried blood between her loosened permanent teeth, cut lips and a swollen nose. She had tripped on the playground. But Bissell says her teacher never asked about her injuries or sent her to the nurse. Her parents were never called. And Bissell believes she was treated this way because her parents are lesbians.

Now Jenna Bissell has two mommies and a lawyer. More here.