News May 13, 2010 at 4:00 am

Judy Nicastro Is Designing an Initiative to Woo the NBA Back to Seattle Without Sticking Taxpayers with the Bill


If she can pull this off, she'll be a shoo-in for whatever higher political office she decides to seek next.
Key Arena is a craphole?

Key Arena is a pretty decent place. The NBA will be demanding chandeliers and Chivas in every luxury suite next.

Why do how have to kiss David Stern's ring? I never voted to let the Sonics go in the first place.
Judy Nicastro, is that slut still around?
Key Arena is a hole. A bare bones arena would be fine. Think Rose Garden or HP Pavilion. It would meet all of their demands and be cheaper than possibly renovating the Key ($300 million).

let's get this done!
Anyone out there remember the King Dome? We, the public, owed money on it and voted two times to leave it stand and repair it. Oh no, the local jocks didn't repsect the voice and vote of the people. Instead they had to replace the King Dome with two sports arenas Here we go again folks. Don't jocks ever think about the homeless rate in Seattle, or the failing public school districk that can't afford to pay a teacher's salary to educate our youth. What's happening to the quality of life in Seattle? How many jocks out there make love to a basketball opposed to another human being?

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