Know Your Leaders: Police Chief finalists' essays on how they've handled racial profiling, layoffs, and budget issues within their respective police departments. Meanwhile, the ACLU of Washington pressures the city to investigate the incident of a local police officer threatening to "beat the Mexican piss" out of a detainee as a hate crime.

To Serve and Protect: Local artist Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, who was beaten in 2005 by four Seattle police officers, shares his experience through an exhibit at pun(c)tuation.

Monogrammed Jackets and Lip Balm: The Washington State Auditor's Office says Puget Sound Partnership hired contractors without seeking public bids, as state agencies are required to do, and spent thousands of dollars on promotional gifts instead of cleaning up Puget Sound.

Get Your Kicks Where You Can: Afghanistan's opium poppy crops are blighted by fungus; poppies wither, prices double.

Lone Survivor: 9-year-old Dutch boy who survived yesterday's Libyan plane crash is in stable condition.

Facebook is Creepy: The NYTimes diagrams how to manage your account, should you still choose to have one.

Aren't They Called Coffee Shops? NYU nerds gear up to launch an anti-Facebook networking site.

These Flowers Are For You: South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford attempts to rekindle romance with his Argentinian "soul mate" in Florida. Meanwhile, Sanford's ex-wife is working on the GOP primary campaign to replace him.

Shot in the Head: Seh Daeng, an anti-government, renegade army officer popular among Thailand's Red Shirt protesters, was reportedly shot today in Thailand's capitol as water and electricity was cut off from protesters.

Might I suggest an After-Hours Nightclub? Seattle Public Library searches for creative ways to keep branches open and operational in the face of citywide budget cuts.

Stop Faking It: You don't really have a food allergy.