Every Day It Gets Worse: NPR reports that "the amount of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico is at least 10 times the size of official estimates."

Safety Measures: Senators Murray and Cantwell join Oregon and California colleagues to back bill that would prohibit offshore drilling along our coast.

Pirate Middle Man: He used to import soda. Now he reportedly negotiates pirate ransoms.

I Don't Know What You're Talking About: Chinese censors scrub the internet of references to five school stabbings.

This is How You Earn Respect: Colombian presidential candidate who says his campaign isn't being taken seriously chains himself to a statue and announces a hunger strike.

Mumbai-Style Terrorist Attack Discovered: Security forces foil plan to assassinate the Indonesian president during an Independence Day ceremony and declare Islamic law.

Pay to Play: NYTimes will begin charging readers for content in January.

Facebook Calls Crisis Meeting: The company faces mounting pressure to give users control over all the information shared via Facebook.

Cut Them Off: Unions and civil rights groups urge the Department of Homeland security to stop training Arizona law enforcement given the state's new controversial immigration law.

"Body Ownership can be Transferred to an Entirely Virtual Body": Virtual-reality experiments put adult men in the bodies of 10-year-old girls with surprising results. Scientists say the technology could lead to therapy for body-image distortion conditions like anorexia.