No one's mother-in-law is THAT bad: Sherriff's deputy in Pierce County kills his in-laws, holds his kids hostage during SWAT standoff, and then kills himself.

You can have my 135% interest rate when you pry it from my cold, dead, hands: Obama urges reforms on Wall Street practices and predatory lenders.

Literally a "shovel-ready project": Detroit to demolish 10,000 abandoned homes, including Mitt Romney's boyhood home, in attempt to fight blight and crime.

Meanwhile, in Thailand: Situation worsens in Bangkok, as neighborhood is declared a "live-fire zone" and seventeen more people are killed.

Who watches the watchmen? Pierce County Judge disbarred and prevented from ever seeking judicial office again after being convicted of felony harassment and patronizing a prostitute.

Too little, too late? Interim Chief Diaz announces that all officers present at China Harbor stomping of Latino man now under investigation for their failure to intervene during incident.

This week in suicide barriers: Wire screen for Capitol Boulevard Bridge in Olympia planned at cost of $1.2 million dollars after four suicides in four years.

Don't go there: UK and US extend travel warning for Bangkok to include all trips, not just "non-essential" tourism.

Don't go there, part 2: Icelandic ash from Eyjafjallajokull may close British airports again.

"No one has ever seen a hole like this": European space telescope discovers huge hole in space, teaches astronomers more about how stars are formed.

End of an empire: The original "Law and Order" finally being cancelled after 20 years, spin-offs like "Law & Order: SVU" survive.