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What is it with Gig Harbor? That's where Tacoma's chief of police killed his wife and himself too.
I think your penultimate item should have a "no, really!" goatse disavowal.
RE: NGC 1999

It seems very much a mis-characterization to call this phenomenon a "hole in space", as rather it is a hole in a dust cloud, albeit an extremely large one. This description is no more accurate than calling a hole in the clouds above a "hole in the sky".
@3 I wondered about that.
I've read the same claim on the back of any number of porn videos...
I'm surely not the first to point this out, but don't they have Star Trek TOS in Thailand? Who the hell in their right mind would participate in a protest against any authority wearing red shirts for solidarity? Honestly.
Detroit is the Future.

#7: Palmer Woods is a textbook suburb. There's even a golf/country club there. It's equivalent to Seattle's Inverness neighborhood. There's nothing urban about it, it just happens to be within city limits.
You neglected to note that Judge Michael Hecht is a Homosexual and a Democrat.
For all that destruction in Detroit, they'll have to hire a few people, yeah? They're creating jobs...
@9: Yes, indeed. But noting that he is would be like pointing out that a murderer was NOT a psychotic maniac.
See, psychotic maniacs have a proven record of being likely to commit murders, compared to the population as a whole.
Democrats as a whole do not have a tendency to patronize prostitutes, compared to their counterparts.
@9 what evidence do you have that Hecht is a democrat? the reason i ask is because uber-conservative gay-hater gary randall recommended hecht to his followers in the 2008 faith & freedom pac judicial voter guide.…

other arch-conservatives endorsed hecht too.
@12: What? Alleged (#9), you filthy liar, I thought I could trust at least some of what you said...
@13 Beware the trolls who spout unsubstantiated opinion.

It's also problematic to assume that Hecht gay, since according to his campaign materials (…) he's been married over 35 years and has 3 kids. Of course he could be gay, but his circumstances speak more towards being a cheater who also happens to be bi.

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