It looks like Washington (or Oregon) won't be getting a new House seat after all:

(AP) The U.S. Census Bureau conducted a comprehensive census on April 1, 2010. Based on the populations counted in each state, the United States Congress will be reapportioned. Projections have been made that predicted the states' populations as of April 1, 2010.

The latest figures indicate that twelve seats would shift between the states as follows:

Texas +4
Arizona +2
Florida +2
Georgia +1
Nevada +1
South Carolina +1
Utah +1

Illinois -1
Iowa -1
Louisiana -1
Massachusetts -1
Michigan -1
Minnesota -1
Missouri -1
New Jersey -1
New York -1
Pennsylvania -1
Ohio -2



Looks like a net gain of 11 for the good guys
It's not the orbiter itself that's so secret , but rather whatever it is the Air Force put in its cargo bay.

BP could be in for one helluva surprise if they don't get that leaky well capped soon, is all I'm sayin'...
I agree with Baconcat.

Who should have posted already to say we should nationalize BP and revoke it's charter, while doing a claw back of all bonus, salary, and options for their execs.
oh, as to the hurricane season - nah, it's just returning to the levels it was in before we all started going to the Caribbean for vacations. There's a reason why all the old movies are of storms, sea-tossed ships, and battered inhabitants on islands ...

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