Like a really tragic Coyote vs. Roadrunner cartoon: BP declares that "Top Kill" did not work, ready to try next solution, a containment cap.

But not THAT kind of "rentboy": UK expenses scandal hits new Coalition government, as closeted Cabinet minister resigns for claiming $57K in rent expenses paid to landlord who was also his romantic partner.

Will also claim Joe Camel advertising not meant to attract kids: BP internal documents show major concerns about the blowout preventer and well casing long before explosion, though they downplayed this in recent Congressional hearings.

Can't wait for the comical "God hates Satan" signs: Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church to picket the funeral of Ronnie James Dio , alleging he was a "devil-worshipper".

Time to reload that ORCA card: Some bus fares for Sound Transit and Snohomish County's Community Transit rising on Tuesday.

The secret life of a thrift store shopper: Frugal old lady dies leaving $4.5 million inheritance to help schools and build a public indoor pool in Long Beach, Washington.

Or you could go to Folklife: Tomorrow is Memorial Day, so everything's closed.