Unfortunately, they are correct about salt and ice cream. It's yummy.
And whatever you do, don't drink the mushroom tea.
salt on most things is disgusting. when i think there's sugar on something and it turns out to bu salt i get really upset. they put salt on a chocolate truffle! a truffle!!
Reducing the amount of salt in your food shows you what the ingredients actually taste like. Low-sodium -- excuse me, I meant "hint of salt" -- Triscuits actually taste kind of like wheat, for example. Who knew?
@3, better that way.
It is so precious the way Slog has studiously ignored the Sestak Scandal.

But it does raise questions about Obama.

Did the administration break the law by trying to bribe Sestak not to run?

Or were they, as their defenders assert, simply engaging in "Politics as Usual" (we thought Obama promised not to do that....)

And if engaged in Politics as Usual; why were they so damn incompetent at it?
Backing a Whore like Specter over Sestak- what was that about?
And if you're going to bribe a guy to not run offer him something worth his while, otherwise he will just go on to refuse you and run and beat the shit out of the guy you backed and along the way brag how he stiffed you (Mr Obama) and told you to shove your job offer.

So we ask:
Is Obama a typical sleazy crooked Nixonesque Chicago pol?
Or is he really really incompetent?

It does seem that Obama couldn't find his own ass with two hands in the noon day sun....
Responding to suggestions that the military should take the lead in responding to the spill, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen said Monday the oil industry is better-equipped to deal with the disaster.

Military officials have looked at what they have available but "the best technology in the world, with respect to that, exists in the oil industry," Mullen said on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Likely so, but the oil industry -- or at least Blundering Petroleum in particular -- seems to have been woefully unprepared for something like this. Sure they had a blowout preventer but you'd think they would have considered that the blowout preventer could fail (as it indeed did) and have some contingency plan (one that would actually work, that is) in place.

Cause Obama promised he would
end Politics as Usual and
bring Competence to the job.

He seems to be Godam Liar. well as a crooked inept boob
Salt on watermelon is delicious.
"The (Political) Science Of Salt":…
Horst Köhler had a difficult background due to his job as head of the IMF. I appreciate his resignation.

Heinrich Lübke! What an interesting comparison. The Prince Phillip of German presidents. Lübke once gave a speech in Africa that began, "Ladies and gentlemen, and dear negros, ..."
1997 Warning on Deep Blowouts

Back in 1997, an offshore-drilling newsletter ran an article by Larry Flak, a veteran well blowout expert, at Boots & Coots at the time, listing a variety of paths leading to a seabed blowout and stated flatly that stopping one would be an enormous challenge.

His bottom line? “Options are limited, so prevention and fast action are critical.”
Dick Cheney's oil spill will continue. That is all.
Have you heard the "oil spill booming school" video? Fast foward to 1:55.…
I wonder what effect oily water from a hurricane will have on inland orchards and crops.
A very, very slight sprinkling of salt on chocolate chip cookies after they come out of the oven makes them really delicious.
and yet, it won't be Dick Cheney or his party that get their asses toasted this November
BP given delay in blowout preventer test

(CNN) -- BP reported problems controlling the undersea well at the heart of the largest oil spill in U.S. history and the Obama Administration allowed a delay in testing a critical piece of equipment in March, according to documents released Sunday.
"We are in the midst of a well control situation on MC 252 #001 and have stuck pipe. We are bringing out equipment to begin operations to sever the drillpipe, plugback the well and bypass," Scherie Douglas, a BP regulatory advisor, told the district engineer for the U.S. Interior Department's Minerals Management Service in a March 10 e-mail.
In a follow-up e-mail to the district engineer, Frank Patton, Douglas reported the company wanted to get a plug set in the well before testing the blowout preventer, the massive device used to shut down the well in case of an emergency.
Patton told BP he could not delay a test any longer than it took to bring the well under control, but the company won a postponement from David Trocquet, the MMS district manager in New Orleans, Louisiana, the documents show.
The messages do not indicate how long the test was postponed.
Why did the administration order Top Kill halted?
What harm would have come from giving it more time?
Is the Crisis not yet big enough to justify halting offshore drilling?
How many fish and birds will Obama slaughter in order to advance his radical eco-agenda?
re: Salt
"briny kiss" just sounds like snowballing. Ick.
Without question, this is Barry Soetoro's Katrina. He waited eight full days to lift a finger to solve this problem, and all he did was talk about keeping BP under his boot.

When are all you leftist hypocrits going to admit that your criticism of Bush for Katrina was unwarranted???
@Lord Basil

Because I _read_ fantasy, I don't live in it!
Hurricane = Brown, Oily, Storm Surge. Very Messy.

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