Joe “Scratchmaster Joe” Martinez informs us that his fellow Seattle graffiti/visual artist and business partner Nko Reynolds (a co-founder of the Free Sheep Society and a member of experimental-theater company Implied Violence, which won a Stranger Genius Award in 2008) was injured in a bicycling accident yesterday. Nko is in “serious but stable condition” at Harborview Hospital. Martinez’s missive is below.

UPDATE: Martinez says that Nko is responding to verbal commands and recognized his mother, wife, and him, who visited Nko at the hospital.

Nko suffered a significant head injury, as he was not wearing a helmet. This injury required [him to] undergo brain surgery. The surgery was successful in stopping the epidural hemorrhage that was putting his life at risk.

The extent of his injuries is unclear; however, he has the use of all his limbs. Unfortunately, he has yet to respond to verbal commands. Upon admittance to the hospital he was able to recite his name and instruct medics to contact his wife Anna, so this shows some promise.

The staff will try to extubate him soon, and then we'll know more of his motor function and cognitive abilities.