Trouble in the Central District: Residents say the Drug Market Initiative, which Interim Chief Diaz touted last week as a success in his run for the permanent chief position, isn't working.

Setting the Tone for Broadway: Capitol Hill residents hope light rail will usher in a permanent farmers market and cultural center for the area, among other developments.

Get off Your Fucking Phone: Cops will start ticketing text-happy, gab-happy drivers on Thursday.

Shots Fired in Belltown: One man dead, one critically injured on Second Avenue and Lenora Street early Sunday morning.

Prepare to Have Your Soul Crushed: Search for the young boy who vanished from a Portland, Oregon, school on Friday continues.

Now, Quick! Read This! Humpback whales have BFFs.

Arizona's Case of the Bat-Shit Crazies Continues: Racists demand an elementary school whitewash its mural depicting black and Latino children; after some hedging, school grows two balls and a spine, says no.

Jihad Theme Park: Enough said.

Speaking of Crazy Good Times: Here's a fatwa that encourages adult breast feeding in Saudi Arabia.

I've Got a Condo Inside Me: India dominates the womb-renting market.

Take No Sass, Keep No Prisoners: Germany ships troubled teens to Sibera for hard labor.

1,800-Year-Old Roman Gladiator Cemetery Uncovered: Bite marks on the bones suggest they didn't die pretty.