News Jun 24, 2010 at 4:00 am

Drug Treatment Finally Targets an Invisible Population


"I'd say 98 percent of the women we spoke with said they didn't know the drug was so addictive,"

oh give me a break, its fucking METH! its 2010, if you don't know meth is "so addictive" or will keep your tweaker ass up for two days straight then your either fucking stupid or you have been living in a goddamn hole for 20 years!

however, i am really glad to see more drug addiction services and community support for those that need it.
I have a problem with this statement -

"What little research there is shows that lesbians are at a higher risk than straight women, and there's been no support in place."

This statement has more to do with these women's poor support networks than the risk that they'd abuse meth. We all have the same "risk." Because you're too weak or dim-witted to understand the effects of meth and how you handle yourself means just that. Own up.
Awesome article! It's great to see O.U.T. in the community and addressing the needs for better education and awareness amongst such a [at times] hidden community
I don't see how the lesbian demographic is any less exposed to the dangers of meth than any other segement of the population. I'd imagine they fall into that hole in much the same way others do, alienation being a cause that comes to mind. maybe all it would require is more public service anouncements directed specifically at the lesbian population. something more relatable. more lesbian specific support groups seems like a good solution if the problem is the stigma that is preventing them from seeking advice or help.
Lesbian tweaker sluts are just nasty old men hating whores, who eat strecthed out nasty old pussies that a real man wont even look at.!!! Hey does any body have a rig???

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