Anti-Gay Bigots Still Fighting the Good Fight: A group that battled last year to take away the rights of gay Washington residents—anonymously—still insists that if the names of their supporters are released, the gays will hate crime their asses.

Meanwhile, Seattle's Got Pride: If you're proud, we've got you covered.

Columbia City Theater Reopens This Weekend: Aims to rebrand itself as a competitive venue for the local music scene.

Overhauling Wall Street: Lawmakers finalized legislation today that would limit banks' speculative trading, allow the government to conduct ongoing audits of the Federal Reserve's lending programs, limit the fees debit card companies can charge retailers, and create a new consumer protection bureau, among other things (another good summary here). The House and Senate are expected to vote next week on the bill.

Ballsy: California residents on welfare withdrew more than $1.8 million in taxpayer cash on casino floors in the last nine months. Officials failed to notice for years that state-issued debit cards could be used in tribal casinos and poker rooms.

A Moat Patrolled By Racist Alligators: Immigration reform gearing up to be a decisive midterm election issue.

One Way Ticket Out of Puyallup: Amtrack train strikes and kills a pedestrian yesterday.

Fetuses Feel No Pain: Study commissioned by the United Kingdom's Department of Health finds that vital connections to the brain's cortex, which scientists believe is "necessary for pain perception" is not intact at 24 weeks gestation.

Where the Prices Keep Falling: Couple tries to sell their six-month-old baby for $25 outside of a Walmart.

In Better Parenting News: King County parents who've had their kids taken away by social services were reunited with their offspring on Thursday after earning back custody through the courts.

Bionic Cat: Strutting around on her new feet "bioengineered to mimic the way deer antler bone grows through the skin."