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Why stop at four months? Make it permanent!

Also, cell phone networks.
The president already had much of this power and I don't see what is so unusual about this. If the country is under a cyber attack and shutting everything down is needed then so be it. Sure the power can be abused but any power can be abused. Not many people think the President should not be allowed to authorize military action just because it CAN be abused.

Also turning off the internet would be disastrous for the economy so any president would be careful with using the nuclear option to counter a cyber attack.
So could we, Dan. So could we.
Any site that prominently touts gold hucksterism is surely one that demands to be taken seriously. Give me Art Bell and alien synchronicity experiment conspiracies any day.
"shocking" that Lieberman is involved in this.
Talking Points Memo has a more credible discussion of this.
Commanding telecoms to temporarily curtail online access to their subscribers isn't anywhere near the same thing as "shutting off the Internet", as I suspect it would only apply to domestic customers of those particular companies.

The Internet was after all designed precisely so that it CAN'T be "shut down" in the sense I think these people mean.
What am I supposed to do at work now?
@5, you mean Joe LIE-ber-JEW-man?!?!
Apparently my emergency preparedness kit also needs to include a healthy supply of porn.
This is what many would call Catnarok: a periodic cleaning of the cosmic litterbox.
It's not Obama that worries me but the Republican's next president.

Any emergency preparedness kit should be put together with power outages in mind. You'll need porn and a flashlight.
Let's just shut down Facebook.
Anyone know any surgeons who can remove the ethernet cable from my arm? I need one who can take payments.
Well, Dan, if that's the case, I'll have to drop you from my Sorority Life gang bitch-slapping Paris beyotches.
@7 is correct - even the absence of root servers just causes each server connect to use their local IP table server copy.

And IPv6 over TCP is even more capable.

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