And because, you know, it's hot in Vegas in July.

To make the point bluntly: their stated reasons for moving the convention are bullshit, and CNN buried the real reason this is happening.... This should be a juicy media story about the staying power of the Tea Party movement. Are they going to keep it going or does the excitement fizzle out at some point? That’s pretty much the first question I’d be asking if I were a reporter covering the Tea Party and this crossed my desk.

But just to drive my point home let me talk a little bit about what would be involved moving an event like this. It’d be a Herculean task that you wouldn’t try simply because you wanted to influence the elections or deal with some attendees complaining about the Vegas heat (when they’d likely rarely leave the hotel anyway). The only reason you’d take this sort of extraordinary action two weeks out is if your event was in imminent danger of completely failing due to lack of attendance and media attention.

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