If you page through today's big criminal spying complaint against alleged Russian agents working inside the U.S., you come upon this:

15. MICHAEL ZOTTOLI, the defendant, purports to be a United States citizen, born in Yonkers, New York. ZOTTOLI is married to PATRICIA MILLS, the defendant, who purports to be a Canadian citizen. ZOTTOLI and MILLS (collectively, the "Seattle Conspirators"), have lived together over the years in a number of locations, including in a Seattle, Washington apartment ("Seattle Apartment"). During October 2009, ZOTTOLI and MILLS moved from Seattle to an apartment in Arlington, Virginia ("Arlington Apartment"). ZOTTOLI has lived in the United States since 2001, and MILLS has lived in the United States since 2003.


30. Furthermore, during the 2006 Seattle Search, lawenforcement agents entered the Seattle Apartment and observed there a radio that can be used for receiving short-wave radio transmissions. In addition, agents observed and photographed spiral notebooks, some pages of which contain apparently random columns of numbers. Based on my training, experience, and participation in this investigation, I believe that the radio in the Seattle Apartment was used by the Seattle Conspirators to receive radiograms—and that the spiral notebook contains codes used to decipher radiograms as they came in.

Slog tipper Jeff points out that there's a LinkedIn profile up for a Michael Zottoli with Seattle connections (not necessarily the Michael Zottoli with the above-charged Seattle connections, though). There's also, with the same caveat, a Michael Zottoli who turns up in the UW's Degree Validation database as having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the school in 2006.