World cup reffing errors: The president of FIFA deplores them, will consider allowing a little more technology into the game.

The loss of Byrd: Means challenges for Wall Street reform and climate-change legislation.

Kagan: Now not such a big fan of disclosing views at confirmation hearings.

The femme fatale of the alleged Russian spy ring: Anna Chapman, "a 28-year-old divorcee with a masters in economics, an online real-estate business, a fancy Financial District apartment and a Victoria’s Secret body."

Russia says: Baseless.

Consumer confidence: Sinking.

Dow: Declining.

But Obama sees: Recovery.

Google vs. China: The company caves.

In the airline food kitchens: Roaches, mice, and very unsanitary conditions.

Fireworks: Reliably causing death, injury, indigestion (from swallowing them), property damage, and singed schools every year—and we know this because the Washington State Patrol and the Washington Poison Center are keeping track.

Where's my flying car? Right here.

And here's one of those above-mentioned World Cup reffing errors: