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Our Picks for the August 17 Primary Election

Eeeeeee! Jennifer Richard


Hey I know you guys are a Seattle paper but your readership goes into the suburbs so maybe endorsements there would be good.
Hey - Don't talk "no balls" unless you grow some, SECB. The SECB --FAILED-- to mention that Justice Sanders is a nutty Scientology-buddy!!
As always, thanks for the heads up, SECB! You know - although Joe Fitzgibbon may privately appreciate the adoration of his physical attributes, for a 23-year-old man trying to score his first elected office, and therefore wanting to appear as serious as need be, he may not appreciate the editorial raving of what a doll-baby he is.

That said, it'd be nice to have some youthful energy in the state house particularly since his head's in the right place.
i can't believe you're advocating a vote for chopp. what the hell. i'd rather pluck out my eye with a spoon.
I would be embarrassed to be endorsed by this kind of article, and I think that many people might be more inclined to vote against your candidates than they would be if they had not read this.

Is your intention to shock people? Or to help get candidates that you like elected? If any part of what you intend is the latter, I think you've done a poor job.
Re: the Sanders race - if a candidate gets more than 50% in the primary, the race is over. FYI.o

So Joe is a cute 23 year old. Just b/c Dan Savage would like to jerk off to him doesn't make him the best choice for state rep.
@2: If you have information to share on that front, send it over:
"Phyllis Kenney, who has served in the state legislature since the Ming Dynasty..."

I laughed-coughed coffee all over my monitor.

Bless you.
Even Jon Morgan can't defend this. His candidate is compromised.…
The Stranger didn't endorse Joe because Dan Savage wants to jerk him off. Preposterous. If that's the case they why did Joe get a higher Muni League rating than Marcee? Any why did he rack up the most sought after endorsements in the race, including Sharon Nelson and every major enviro group? And why has he raised significantly more money than Marcee? Marcee hangs her hat on her "clean campaign" platform yet she's the only one in the race slinging mud at every turn. I'm not impresses with the bitchy tone of Marcee's campaign and I'm tired of hearing how not getting pregnant as a teen makes her qualified to serve the 34th.
That Catholic priest vs acne joke was pretty funny. Was it from Lindsy *swoon* or David? It seems more like David but I so want to believe otherwise.
Eli - Joe Fitzgibbon did not receive the Municipal League's highest rating - he earned a Very Good rating, while the highest rating is Outstanding

and I think the Sanders/Scientology thing was covered right here on Slog when he spoke at the opening of their new Seattle "church" a few days ago
@13) We'll get that fixed pronto. Thanks.
As a lawyer and one who is involved in the rights of the accused, in my opinion Justice Sanders is one of the few individuals on the Supreme Court who does not appear to be result oriented. By result oriented, I mean basing one's decision on the desired results for whatever reason, not the law. He closely follows the Washington and federal constitutions. In this particular case, the gravamen of his decision is based on legal theory that it is legislative branch's right to define marriage, not the court's. You may disagree with this opinion and many do. However, this basis for an opinion is a common legal theory and one that many lawyers subscribe to.

I strongly believe that in the area of protection of privacy of the individual, Justice Sanders stands above all others currently on the Supreme Court. He writes continually for applying the protections of both the Washington State and United States Constitutions to the rights of citizens against the police powers of the state, no matter how unpopular the issue or client. And if the legislature decided to change the definition of marriage, I am sure Justice Sanders would not stand in its way. He would not impose his decision for that of the legislative branch.

Also, the differentiation the Stranger draws between the other two contenders is, in the context of the one issue considered, de minimus. It is certainly insufficient, in my opinion, to justify removing Justice Sanders in favor of two individuals who would have voted the same way on the same issue.

If you wish to base your opinion on this one case and the minor distinction the Stranger makes between the other candidates, then do so. But consider this: the Supreme Court considers many cases on many different issues and Justice Sanders stands heads above the rest for his constitutional jurisprudence and his concern for the constitutional rights of Washington State citizens. The Stranger's opinion is based on only one of Justice Sander's many opinions (and dissents) filed with the court. Please vote wisely.
@1 - they endorsed in fracking SW Washington - does that count?

Oh, and SECB ... Fremont is part of Speaker Frank Chopp's district. We're not Downtown. Cause we have a vibrant business community.
Yes! Joe!
I wouldn't fuck Joey Fitzgibbon with Pam Roach's dick.

Joe Fitzgibbon said just yesterday he DID NOT favor a state income tax on KUOW's the coversation with Ross Reynolds. (2 min 15 sec in)


On the issues, as you state it, Marcee Stone and Mike Heavy are in favor of staggering bar times, INCOME tax (actually,) tuition setting authority, cost over runs, sound enviromental policy, etc. but don't act like Joe Fitz is the only one who has good ideas and is good one the issues.

I know you guys like to have a good time but have you ever seen the 4th candidate, independent Geoff "Mac" MacElroy with his shirt off? Mike Heavey? Macree? No? Well obviously you should have done more research to make an informed recommendation.
Boo Joe. Bleh...

He may be cute (as cute as my 12 year old nephew) but that's about all he's got going for him...

We don't need the same ole' Olympia driving our community which is what'd he be -- everything he touts is what his boss did ... not him. I mean, he may have gotten her coffee so she could do it (he does emphasize that he was an assistant in olympia).

We need some outside minds like Mac, Marcie or Mike. PLEASE.
Why are there only endorsements for 3 of Washington's 9 congressional districts? I can understand not bothering with the two red districts but what about the other 4?
1st Congressional District (Bainbridge, north Kitsap, suburbs north of Seattle): Jay Inslee, a good liberal and possibly our next governor.
2nd Congressional District (Bellingham/Mount Vernon/South Canada): Rick Larsen, the only real Democrat in the race.
4th and 5th CDs (Eastern Washington): vote for the sacrificial Democrats.
6th CD (Tacoma, Olympic Peninsula): Norm Dicks
9th CD (I-5): Adam Smith, 287-year old author of the Wealth of Nations.
ScubaSteve, what you're missing is that it's not really the issues that divide the candidates so much in the 34th. All three of the Dems (more or less) agree on the important stuff. It's that Joe has--far and away--the best grasp of the issues, is infinitely smarter, and has dramatically more experience in Olympia than any of the other candiates. None of his other endorsers (unions, environmental groups, elected leaders and progressives) picked him because he is hot. They picked him because he understands their issues and can go to work for them and with them right away in Olympia. I don't think the Stranger's editorial board made their pick based on any lack of research. They picked him because he is the best. His hotness didn't hurt, but it wouldn't have gotten him the endorsement if he were a douche.
I wanted your take on Eric Oemig.
I'm calling a bullshit out on all of you. Yes, Joe's a good looking guy, I'll admit it. However, I happen to have a photo from one of my drawing projects this spring. Exhibit A:…. I don't care that you didn't endorse me for congress, BFD, but you guys made this personal.

I'm being sardonic, though I still contest that just because Joe's taller than me doesn't mean he's better looking.
You MUST endorse Rep. Sherry Appleton!!!! Please do so!!! She's from Poulsbo (not sure of the District No.) and is a DEDICATED and COURAGEOUS defender of criminal defendants' rights and has taken stands against Democrats and Republicans in the legislature on extremely unpopular issues, such as treating the civilly committed sex offenders at the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island like HUMAN BEINGS. Imagine that. Check out her voting record -- the woman is a gem.
The feeble old psycho wingnuts at the Seattle Times called Joe Fitzgibbon "the hard-left candidate?" I live in the 34th, and that's enough to earn my vote.
Leave me out of the Joe thing—I've never even laid eyes on the guy. There are other homos—cough cough Eli cough Dom—on the SECB, you know.
Why is the right/right-center Seattle Times being allowed to frame the debate on who is left and right? These so-called "hard-left candidates" seem a little more center-left to me!
I honestly think you should have skipped House Rep district 3. You added nothing to my knowledge, and people outside our district really don't give a shit.
I hate to break the news to the SECB, but "the economy" will be the number one deciding factor for the majority of the electorate this off-cycle year. Not just Seattle. Not just western Washington. But nationwide. It's a referendum on the existing office holders...and in Olympia and DC that is the Democratic Party.

That said, the unemployment rate is 9.6%, up from 8% when Obama took office. The national debt is $13 trillion, up from $10 trillion when Obama took office. It is not that those numbers are impirically 'bad,' but rather, voters will question what $3T in debt-spending has done for them. A job offer? No. Theoretical health care coverage? A least not until 2014, then maybe. Lower taxes? No. The short answer is really nothing. Hence the desire to change things up.

You see, a fear of joblessness will push fence-riding liberal Republicans, independents and conservative Democrats to punt on issues like gays-in-the-military, legalization of pot, and even foreign a plethora of minor issus. Furthermore, name calling and personality-bashing of uber-conservatives and Tea Party-ite libertarians is NOT helping your cause to sway middle of the roaders. Trust me -- I am one of them.

If the Democrats in office can explain how deficit spending has helped voters TODAY, then they will win the argument. It is that simple. Among my urban-dwelling friends, 20- and 30- something independents, none of us are voting on social issues this year. It is amazing how out of touch both the mainstream and 'alternative' media/editors are to this simple fact.

Who do you talk to in the general public before drafting these recommendations?
I read the thing all the way through, even though I live thousands of miles from Seattle, because I enjoy reading your endorsements. I find them well written and well reasoned. I did it in spite of those juvenile groaner jokes. All they did was interrupt the flow and make me go ugh.
Although I agree with several of your choices, I have to disagree with your endorsement for King County Council. Diana Toledo has 15 years experience working in King County in supervisory roles, writing legislation, and working directly with both the Executive and the King County Council. Joe is an outsider, with Olympia experience who is very much out of touch when it comes to the wants and needs of the average King County voter.
Also, Diana has a stellar record of working with animal advocates to protect both King County citizens and animals through her work with KC Animal Welfare & Control. Is that what you mean by "duck hugger" as though it is a bad thing?
Although I agree with several of your choices, I have to disagree with your endorsement for King County Council. Diana Toledo has 15 years experience working in King County in supervisory roles, writing legislation, and working directly with both the Executive and the King County Council. Joe is an outsider, with Olympia experience who is very much out of touch when it comes to the wants and needs of the average King County voter.
Also, Diana has a stellar record of working with animal advocates to protect both King County citizens and animals through her work with KC Animal Welfare & Control. Is that what you mean by "duck hugger" as though it is a bad thing?
I actually have laid eyes on Joe. He even doorbelled me a few weeks back. Mike's been by, too, and I gotta say, he's got the better gym body. If the two of them were to, say, wrestle for the cameras on, then, well, there'd be, um... yeah. I just lost my train of thought.

For those who can't get enough Joe, he's got a nice photo gallery on his campaign website. Eeeeee! (HINT: right-click and "Open in new window" to see full size.) That's how I found out about the unusually large size of his canines.
State Representative, Position 2

Joe Fitzgibbon
"...for a state income tax"
Why has it become a "progressive" issue position to add more/additional taxes upon the working class?
We have seen a Democratic-controlled Legislature "successfully" achieve tax increases on the very few pleasures economically affordable by the non-affluent masses: smokes, beer, cocktails, all the while painting ALL participants (including moderate indulgers) as chain-smoking drunkards; lecherous dead weight at the expense of the public.

But where is the better-placed moral outrage against corporate polluters, slumlords, and the public expense of violent repeat offenders?

Perhaps the space in the article was sacrificed in favor of brilliant comedic inserts?
@35 the state income tax being proposed does not come near the "working class" -- unlike the sales tax, which in the absence of an income tax will only keep going higher and higher. (BTW I don't like the new candy tax either, but I like even less the budget cuts that would have happened without it.)
@35 Income tax is progressive, sales tax is regressive. That's why liberals support the former. It makes perfect sense.
Don't you just LOVE 'Follow the Leader'?
Please suggest other ways we can remain braindead and not do our own critical thinking, make our own choices, and be so FUCKING POLITICALLY CORRECT .
Funny funny ha ha. I really love it when you write "shit" and "fuck". giggle.

BUTT, I have to agree very strongly with @30. Social issues are very important, and I angrier than you are that the war on drugs still makes pot a crime while promoting gang violence on an unprecedented scale (yeah, I know it's all the way down in Mexico... surprise, they're people too!).
Nevertheless, I think that the Stranger had better get a grip on the fact that Clint Didier's going to appeal to lots of folks purely on his bullshit pronouncements about no taxes and no more handouts to the people who whine that they "need help" because of the economy. Swing voters are horrified at the state of the nation (as are most of us) and I worry that they may be willing to blame democrats for it all and vote them out in favor of some right-wing nut job. Well, some democrats are to blame. But the bottom line is that we have to stop spending more than we produce, and everybody better get on board. Someone has to cut real budgets that pay for things that don't lead to improving of our lives (I defy anyone to show me how the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are making my life better by even as little as 0.0001%) and raise taxes on those who benefitted the most from the pillaging of our treasury (when you follow the money, it leads to the rich) and on stuff that we need to discourage consumption of: oil. We need to do the shit that is good for us: education, infrastructure, better health insurance, cheaper health care... you know, the obvious stuff that makes our world a better place to live in! Yes, we need jobs, but not more weapons manufacturing, or for that matter, building more Mc-fucking-mansions, like the Builder's ASSociation wants to do in the name of progress and growth and development.

Also, @15, the lawyer for Sanders, is TOTALLY right. If the guy is a prick, that's one thing. But if he is a competent hard working and honorable professional (as implied by the post) then he is still most likely the right man for the job.
IS this what you call Democracy? You people are little corrupt Communists. A life time for MCdermott! Long live Communism! Dismiss everyone else, never mention them, and say he's the best. How much did he pay you to endorse him?
@ 4: Win.
Sure, income tax INSTEAD of regressive "sin" taxes, but the income tax will be IN ADDITION to regressive sales taxes on working class "luxuries" such as beer, smokes, vodka and such.
Therein lies the problem.
@40: Nobody else in the 34th District House race is worth mentioning. Joe for the win!
Stranger: You neglected to mention Patty Murray's DOMA vote which is causing WA state gay and lesbian families to lose their health insurance. When will she apologize for her vote and work to overturn it?
Frank Chopp? Seriously? Frank Chopp?
Frank Chopp? Seriously, Frank Chopp???
Regarding the race for Congressional District No. 7, you claim that Jim McDermott "drew no serious challengers this year." What kept Bob Hoffman from even registering as a blip on your radar? As far as I can tell, he's pretty good competition...
Er, that'd be BILL. Bill Hoffman. *facepalm*
Don't forget Scott Sizemore!

On second thought, go ahead and forget him.
Bill Hoffman is not sleezy enough for the Stranger. By "serious" they mean "sleezy" in the Stranger land. Man, that piece about who is cute candidate and who isn't, I almost vometed on my keyboard when I read that. I haven't read the Stranger that much, but from what I've read so far I can freely conclude that the Stranger is one of the sleeziest and slymies publiation in USA. Congratulations!
Am I the only one who thinks Fitzgibbon looks very average at best?
I used to have some respect for the endorsements the Stranger provided, but now it seems like one big joke to their Election Board, with only a few well thought out choices and the rest with a minimal amount of study.
In races such as State Supreme Court Position #6, how hard is it to field a write-in candidate? Seems like the SECB would have the means to get something together.
Justice Sanders' sole qualification: calling Dubya's A.G., Michael Mukasey, a tyrant.
How about Legislative District No. 11? Nothing for that? South Park Bridge, anyone? Hello?
Being nitpicky here, but Rodney Tom changed parties as a state representative in order to run for the Senate as a Democrat. And he votes a hell of a lot more left-wing than he ever did as a Republican, but that's beside the point.
Chop Chopp! I'm shocked, shocked I tell you! The SECB needs to grow a pair of their own and refuse to offer an endorsement for this idiot.
@51: Yes.
Would it be possible to put the Wiggins interview on line?
wait, I'm confused. for the section regarding Ross Hunter, they stranger says "we want to see Hunter reform a regressive tax structure that leans heavily on the poor (in sales taxes) and small businesses (with the B&O tax)."

I don't understand-- why would we want to tax the poor and small businesses more heavily? am I missing something here?
Does the Stranger Election Control Board realize that Congressional District No. 3 includes Olympia? Slight oversight.
The SECB endorses privatization of liquor sales??? Yeah, great idea, take some more revenue away from the state exactly when they need it most. Brilliant.
The Stranger (along with the Washington State Labor Council)is endorsing Patty Murray instead of Bob Burr?WTF?Eat the State! is endorsing Burr.
@24, you are an unelectable hot mess.
I'd like to second the suburb readers comment...I could definitely use more descriptions for local districts on the eastside.
PLEASE PLEASE add content about Clallam County -- it's so hard voting here in a Republican dominated area without getting a balanced opinion of the candidates!
Adam Kline is the state senator for the 37th District, not the 43rd. Ed Murray is the 43rd's state senator.
Thank you, folks.

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