Courtesy of the BBC:


Showing off their strength, South Korean special forces pose for photos before a military exercise, in which they simulated a sea landing.

South Korea doesn't allow gays to serve in the military... so there's nothing gay about all those hot guys in black speedos doing the gayest crunches you've ever seen. (Thanks to Slog tipper Tim.) Says Wiki...

Military service is mandatory for all male citizens in South Korea. Enlistees are drafted through the Military Manpower Administration (MMA; Korean: 병무청) which administers a "psychology test" at the time of enlistment that includes several questions regarding the enlistee's sexual preferences. Homosexual military members in active duty are categorized as having a "personality disorder" or "behavioural disability" and can either be institutionalized or dishonorably discharged. This is a problem since South Korea does not allow for conscientious objection and dishonorable discharge bears with it significant social pressure, as many South Korean companies will request a complete military service profile at the time of a job application. On military records, the applicants can appear as having been dishonorably discharged either due to their homosexuality or for being "mentally handicapped."