Same-Sex Marriages in CA Are On Hold: " order from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals late Monday set aside a federal judge's decision earlier this month that would have permitted same-sex marriages to resume in California as early as Wednesday."

The President Is Coming to Seattle: And Gary Locke is coming with him.

61 Dead, 100 Injured: After a suicide bomb went off in Baghdad.

Seven Inches: The 2nd generation iPads are rumored to be smaller, lighter.

Shooting in a Supermarket: The man shot by police at a Wedgwood QFC died last night.

That's Some Souvenir: A former Israeli soldier posed for pictures with handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinian detainees and posted them on Facebook.

Bad Medicine: Eli Lilly stops developing an "experimental drug for Alzheimer's disease after studies showed it worsened patients' conditions and was associated with an increased risk of skin cancer."

Coming to Next Year's Shark Week: A a 31-year-old surfer bled to death after being attacked by a shark off the coast of Australia.

Bad Parenting: A South Carolina woman admits to suffocating her children before putting them into their car seats, and driving the car into a river in an attempt to dispose of their bodies.

Don't Like the Don't Like Button: The promise of installing a "dislike" button on your Facebook profile is just a scam.

The Juggalos Threw Stuff at Method Man, Too: Tila Tequila wasn't the only performer to leave the stage with a bloody face.

And now, your Giraffact™ of the Day:

The gestation period for a giraffe is 453-464 days and the mother giraffe gives birth standing up, meaning the baby falls nearly six feet to the ground when they're first born. Ouch! Calfs are usually about six feet tall and they weigh anywhere from 130-150 pounds. They can walk within about an hour of being born. And they're goddamn ADORABLE when they're first learning how: