A Native American Wood Carver with "Love" Tattooed On His Hand: More details on the man fatally shot by a police officer Monday.

Mission Accomplished Over: President Obama declares an end to our mission in Iraq; adds that he intends to pull troops out of the war in Afghanistan next summer.

Gunning for a Hat Trick: On top of peacefully ending our occupation of Iraq, this week Obama is working on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and persuading Iran to reconsider its nuclear program.

Sometimes Words Fail Me: "A former nurse at a secure state center for sexual predators has pleaded guilty to cocaine charges related to a smuggling scheme that saw her lover — a rapist — receive drugs and pornography while detained at the McNeil Island facility."

Throw Out the Bums: Senator Scott Brown raises money for Dino Rossi, says politicians don't know the plight of average Americans, who want those D.C. bums—like Senator Murray, for example—thrown out.

Barbie Works Alone: "I took orders from no-one," says Edgar Valdez, aka La Barbie, who admits to drug trafficking in police custody (he had "investments" in Colombia) but insists he worked alone. Meanwhile, police say Barbie was a hitman for one of Mexico's drug cartels before rising through the ranks to become a leader.

Real-Life Vacations with Virtual Girlfriends: Gamers travel to the real resort town of Atami to woo virtual teenage girls in a virtual dating game.

Ethics Office Investigates Alleged Bribery: Three representatives are being investigated by the House Office of Congressional Ethics to determine if they were bribed by political contributions to vote on the financial overhaul bill.