"Froggies"? "Immigrant filth"? Anchor babies? Random capitalization?

Sorry, dude, you lost me within the first two sentences. Blow yourself up and make the world a better place.
Are you sure this guy's not from Seattle?
You guys ought to save his writing.

Also, he reminds me of:…
Eastern Gray Squirrels don't need no crazy—and using a 3 word name in the 21'st century usually spells crazy—dude's help, they've pretty much taken over North America just fine on their own.

He didn't have the balls to try this on Shark Week.
I don't know why I put that apostrophe in 21st.
I've recently been wondering what good squirrels do? This reminds me to search that out.
The crazy dude is right tho' . . .we don’t need anymore shows about women having mass quantities of babies. Or the subsequent shows on the annoying women and pussy ass husbands raising them. I've never watched that shit but it's in my face a lot. The Duggars, the Gosslin's - all need to go away.
Now discovery is talking about a Sarah Palin show and if that's the case I say. . .you go crazy dude!
So long as he doesn't start talking really fast and singing "You're all Gonna Die" it will work out fine.
@6 plant trees you dongus!
Why can't someone do this over all their inane UFO, paranormal, Anti-science programming?
"Humans are supposed to be inventive. INVENT, DAMN YOU!!"
ugh, will there be more hatin' on east coast asians now?
Hold on! Why the fuck didn't this asshole do this to Fox News studios? At least then when he blows himself up he can take some of the bad guys with him. Fucking worthless environmental terrorist. Lock him up and forget to feed him like a kid with a new pet.

BTW, why are Frogs the only ones with the cutesy nickname? What's wrong with the rest of those animals?
Memo to both this guy and the Unabomber: Please stop helping.
@12: Why didn't he build a time machine and kill God?
It's all Chris Ballew's fault.
Now they've shot him. He must have started carving a piece of wood.
"... and of course, the squirrels" is how I will be ending all of my arguments from now on.
@4 And they're all first names.
raccoons and squirrels are noble creatures, no? worthy of inheriting the earth, no?

yeah, Fox is probably going to milk this to death
Cancel your cable teevee. That will go a long way toward ending pollution. Also, Lee is now another
filthy human not polluting the planet. He's dead!

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