That's how much the man who was hit on by his lawyer wants from his lawyer, his lawyer's wife, and their old law firm. The wife—Justice Lori Douglas—has "requested to be temporarily relieved of her duties." That's not enough for some:

Annalise Acorn, a law professor at the University of Alberta, said Judge Douglas should resign. "Everyone denounces Tiger Woods for having affairs. But all Tiger Woods has to do is hit a ball," Ms. Acorn said. "A judge has to make decisions about law and justice that affect people's lives in profound ways. To do so, they must command genuine authority and respect. This situation makes that impossible for Douglas."

Jack King, the husband who hit on his client allegedly on behalf of his wife, claims that his wife didn't know what he was up to, or that he'd posted her pictures to a public website, and that he only did it because he was depressed at the time (which explains everything). Jezebel buys it...

A sordid story from across the border has called into question notions of "judicial authority"... even when the judge was herself a victim... We're also wondering what's on the books about husbands defaming wives—if, that is, that's still their relationship. Whatever the outcome, the story's a deeply distressing one... and a good argument against digital boudoir photography. After all, you never know when someone might get "depressed."

...and I don't. I think it's likelier that King is claiming his wife had no knowledge of his actions in an attempt to clear and protect her than it is that King would post nude photos of his wife to a personals website and arrange mysterious lunch dates with black dudes because he was depressed. Some married women are kinky, Jezebel, not victims, and kinky married women have agency and rights. And the existence of a personal ad and some revealing photos shouldn't disqualify a woman—or a man—from serving as a judge.