Keep Your Chin Up: A Vancouver, Washington, woman is the victim of a seemingly random street attack that ends with a cupful of acid in the face. "I have never, ever seen this girl in my entire life," the victim said. "When I first saw her, she had this weirdness about her - like jealousy, rage."

Drain the Milk, Then Pocket the Nipple: A Woodinville financial adviser faces felony theft charges stemming from allegations that she stole over $20,000 from her mother's retirement account.

Keeping Vigilant: Mourners memorialize John T. Williams, the Native American carver shot by a police officer on Monday. (More on the vigil here here.)

KEXP Gets Fluffed: The local public radio station is up against a Chihuly museum for the coveted Fun Forest Pavilion site. The Seattle Times notes that the selection committee will make its recommendation to Seattle Center as early as next week.

Make Your Religion Less Controversial, Please: A New York Times poll shows that two-thirds of New Yorkers want a planned mosque near (approximately two blocks) ground zero to be "relocated to a less controversial site father away." Like Ohio.

Mideast Peace Talks Deemed "Constructive": Two of the issues central to the talks were security for the Israelis and Jewish settlement construction on Palestinian territories.

Amish in Crisis: A 26-year-old Amish man is accused of molesting at least six girls in two states, officials charge. In Wisconsin, he stands accused of incest and the repeated sexual assault of a minor. In Missouri, he's charged with statutory rape, sodomy, and sexual misconduct involving a child.

New Health Law Myths: rounds them up and then takes them down, including whether the law "requires people who want public health insurance to be implanted with a microchip," or if it creates a new private army for President Obama.

Tax Breaks for Small Businesses: The Washington Post reports that the White House may unroll business tax breaks - worth hundreds of billions of dollars - to encourage hiring and refute Republican charges that Democratic tax policies hurt small businesses.

Miami Airport Terminals Evacuated: TSA officials reportedly found something suspicious in an item of luggage late Thursday night and have taken one person into custody.