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Umm -- Tom Hanks worked for FedEx, not UPS. Get your movie allusions right, please.
Weird that cops can't kill a guy with an AK-47, but wield a 3" knife and you're a goner.
Is was a stupid allusion and not very funny either.
While "settlers" sounds all nice, quaint & peaceful, it is an act of war, a final act, of taking the land of the people they're trying to conquer. Naturally, those people are fighting back because, well, what else are they going to do? There's not much right & wrong in this, it's just the tired old human drama of war-- killing, brutalizing, cruel and dominating war. What sickens me is how one side is glorified in American politics & media as being above reproach, moral and true. Then it becomes chic for those in the 'alternative' communities to glorify the other side.

Of course 'peace talks' are a media circus, because the politicians, whether Israeli or Palestinian, have no interest in peace.

I just wondered why, if someone has a knife and the officer tells him to drop it and he doesn't, why wouldn't the officer shoot him in the knees? It just seems to me this would stop the knife wielder and save a life.
Vince, have you ever tried to shoot a moving target three inches wide with a handgun?
If you shoot at someone, you shoot to kill. Period. The only reason you're shooting at someone is to completely disable them from doing whatever made you want to shoot them.

In other news, Snohomish police just killed a guy by tasing him. Cops just can't catch a break.
"Vince, have you ever tried to shoot a moving target three inches wide with a handgun?"

Vince doesn't sound like he's ever fired a pistol. But I'm sure he's watched a lot of movies.
@6 I see your point.
Indeed. Now add a whole shit-ton of adrenaline into the equation on top of that.
I thought cops were only supposed to shoot to kill, according to their training. Seriously.
That's not exactly the case, tiktok. You're taught to shoot for the center of body mass, and to continue shooting until the target is neutralized. ("Neutralized," by the way, doesn't mean "kill;" it means a cessation of hostilities.)
Zach Morris, 27, who was attending a party across the street from the shooting scene, said he was looking out a window, waiting for friends to arrive when he saw a police car.

In Seattle, it's required that at least one bystander be named Zach.

This is the Law.
@13, Was that Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell?

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