Strike, strike, strike!: Transportation unions in Paris and London demonstrate their powerful ability to make people stand in lines.

Sick, sick, sick!: Individual health-insurance policies in Washington see double-digit rate increases.

Opium tea hits the big time: A string of busts at fields, flower shops, and on highways in Washington and B.C.

The victim vanishes: Shots fired at Garfield Community Center, the person hit in the leg doesn't turn up in any emergency rooms.

The politics of dealing with a Rainbow Gathering: "A U.S. Forest Service ranger sat cross-legged on the dusty ground, holding a wildflower as a symbol of his right to speak to the circle of hippies gathered around him in the woods."

Take a vacation: MIT "globe genie" shuffles you through Google street views across the world.

That's not cricket: Batsman fined for Twitter rant.

Up in the air: Man climbs SF's Millennium Tower, gets arrested.

Retirement: Over.