That sounds ominous: Sri Lanka ends presidential term limits.

Maybe Seattle Metro drivers will want to join those striking transportation workers in Paris and London: County government looking to suspend cost-of-living-increases for drivers (and did you know they average $61,000 a year?).

Spilling oil, spreading blame: BP points fingers at Transocean, Halliburton, and others for the Gulf catastrophe.

Spil ym daer: Obama stands firm against extending the high-end Bush-era tax cuts.

Another police officer fatally shoots a man with a knife: This time in Los Angeles.

A love deferred: Rodney King marries one of his jurors.

Lights out: Last GE factory making incandescent bulbs closes, "green" manufacturing jobs move overseas.

Here's a headline for the arachnophobes: "There aren't more spiders, they're just bigger and mature."

At the same time the region's most obvious outdoor spider seems to be everywhere, our largest house spider is also at its most active. Males of Tegenaria gigantea, the giant house spider, are on the prowl. And some are as big as your hand.