News Sep 30, 2010 at 4:00 am

After Her Victory Over "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Major Margaret Witt Talks About What's Next


So, are you now going to appeal the adultery charge that actually got you booted from the service?

Or should the service charge you with Article 82, 83, 88, 92, 98, 107, 117, 120, 125 (oooh, sodomy, can't believe they don't like sodomy), 132, 133, and my most personal favorite; article 134.

I find it odd that you chose to fight this in civilian court, that the military won't pay much attention too, look at the patriot act, rather than appealing it in a court martial.

I guess it is better to blame a crappy system, instead of yourself and your inability to keep your tounge off of someone elses wife.
Oh and an aside, when I was in the Corps, it was about 20% queer, (these were brothers in arms that I would have laid down my life for) and you are trying to say that DADT has reduced the number of queers in the service.

Maybe you should have keep your sucker shut.
@Slam1263- your argument would carry a lot more weight if it were grammatically correct. Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype that all military personnel are bumbling idiots.
Sorry, Ms. Grammar Nazi, I graduated from public schools.

If you wouldn't mind correcting my submissions, citing the appropriate sources, I will be more than happy to edit said submissions.

"To berate without pourpose, is to think without thought", Commander X.
you fight the battles you can win, Siam, that's why she fought it in civilian court.
Not using spell check is like wearing a stained budweiser t-shirt to work. You may say important things, but its hard to take you seriously.
To the person who think he/she is "the" Uniform Code of Military Justice expert. FYI, adultery is not between two women. Your ignorance is evident. Look it up.
You clearly don't even know the meaning of adultery. Not possible between two unmarried people and especially two women. Your ignorance is humorous. Thanks for the laugh.
Too bad one of the people she was fucking around with was married, I believe that is adultery.

Caralain, it's Slam, not Siam, you've done dribble PBR on yer Ed Hardy's there hipster.

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