European Terror Alert: Potential attacks could include commando-style slaughter in airport terminals.

Humongous Flames, Booby Traps, and a Dead Man: What Tukwila firefighters found at this morning's deadly house fire.

Stop the Ducks Before They Kill Again!: Families of duck-boat victims oppose renewed duck-boat operations.

Search Continues for Missing Skagit County Woman: Who wandered away from an ashes-scattering ceremony on Sauk Mountain on Saturday and hasn't been seen since.

The Verizon Lottery!: "Verizon Wireless could pay out up to $90 million in refunds to cell phone customers who were improperly charged for inadvertent Web access or data usage over the past several years."

That Burning Sensation: Laptop users at risk for "toasted skin syndrome."

Today in Good vs. Evil: As Bishop Eddie Long communes with his adoring flock, CNN writer wonders, "Why no prayers for Bishop Long's accusers?"

Today in Evil vs. Evil: Pope denounces Sicilian mafia.

For Your To-Do List: How to prep for the coming La Nina-enhanced winter.

And finally, happy birthday to visionary American theater director Robert Wilson, born on this day in 1941. Here's a clip about the creation and performance of Einstein on the Beach, the 1970s opera created by Wilson and Philip Glass. (Clip taken from documentary Absolute Wilson, which is available on Netflix Streaming and is wonderful.)