News Oct 7, 2010 at 4:00 am

Conservative BIAW Called Out on Money Mismanagement


Time to RICO these clowns and cast the remains to the wind
Now let's go after IBEW, SPEEA. IAM, ILWU, AL-CIO, and the rest of the alphabet groups that squander members' funds.
The question isn't squandering, it's being able to document the squandering. In short, accounting ... accountability ... isn't that supposed to be a conservative watch-word?
Slam1263 - There's a small difference here. The BIAW is a group of building contractors who would love it if all construction workers made minimum wage and worked for Labor Ready.

The IBEW, SPEEA. IAM, ILWU, AL-CIO are all labor unions who are trying to keep that from happening.

Maybe you should study your fucking alphabet.
Hey Sparkie,

Buy a clue, and please, please, please, send me a picture of your face when you get your first union pension check.

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