In Case You Missed It: The Seattle Times has withdrawn its endorsement of race-baiting Justice Richard Sanders.

Cop Killer: "A Collier County deputy is dead after reportedly shooting herself during an off-duty argument at a Naples park. The sheriff's office reports that the 29-year-old deputy was with another person at the Sugden Regional Park Friday evening. Authorities say the two were ending their relationship when she took out her personal weapon, a .40 caliber Glock, and shot herself."

Non-Fatal Stabbings Followed by Non-Successful Escape/Suicide Attempt: "Seattle police say a man stabbed two family members, then jumped from the third story of an apartment building in the Skyway neighborhood on Sunday afternoon," reports KING-5.

The Ongoing Montlake Burglary Scam: Using lame ruse, thieves rob homes of jewelry and expensive lotions.

Seahawks!: Seattle scores a wet-and-messy win over the Arizona Cardinals.

Whaddya Know?: Tea Party climate change deniers funded by BP and other major polluters.

"Making a Home in a Pyramid, 462 Feet Above Seattle": The NYT profiles the woman who lives at the top of the Smith Tower.

Now Here's Something You'll Really Mourn: The creator of Rocky & Bullwinkle has died.

We've All Been There: Couple finds buffalo in pool.

And finally, happy birthday to Australian songstress Helen Reddy, born on this day in 1941. Having previously posted the amazing CGI version of Reddy's classic "Angie Baby," here instead is an impressive live performance.