In Case You Missed It: Roslyn, Washington, partygoers weren't sickened by drugs, but by highly caffeinated malt liquor that tastes like candy, and Governor Gregoire is pushing for a ban on pre-mixed alcoholic energy drinks.

$8 Million: What the Washington State Department of Transit will pay a bicyclist who was paralyzed after his tire got caught in a gap between grates on the Montlake Bridge.

"God Called Me": Christine O'Donnell's divinely mandated candidacy.

Toddler Pulls Trigger: Gig Harbor mom accidentally shot by 4-year-old son.

Nearby Cheese Seizure: "Federal authorities say they've seized all the cheese from a creamery in Montesano, WA after the company refused to recall items contaminated with listeria."

Food-Crisis Casualties: "Extreme weather and market forces have affected everything from Israel's tomatoes to South Korean cabbage."

Speaking of 21st-Century Concerns: Does travel insurance cover terrorism?

Your Honor, I Cite 'My Way or the Highway': Tukwila mom charged with child abandonment after dropping her daughter and three other teens off on Interstate 5 after an argument.

J/K!: The old Rainier Brewery in Georgetown is not being converted into a Walmart.

Finally, happy birthday to Keith Strickland, one of the founding member of the B-52s, who was born on this day in 1953. Strickland was the B-52s drummer until 1985, when guitarist Ricky Wilson died from AIDS-related complications and Keith Strickland switched to guitar. Here's one of the great songs Strickland wrote with his bandmates.