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That's a suck-ass B-52's song.

Here's a great one:…

I remember when my kid was little and used to put floppy discs in the computer properly...

But the woman wasn't looking? the kid aimed it and shot her?
This sounds highly suspicious... I really think (80% sure) that this might have went down a little differently... I wonder if anyone has been cheating or sending out breakup signals...
That is one of the best B-52s songs.

My mother once pulled-this-car-over and left my then-11 and 12 year old sisters on the side of the road. She went about four blocks, then turned back and picked them up. We all learned a lesson that day: Mama's threats are to be taken seriously.
That's some bad news about Estrella Family Creamery. They make some really good cheese. Most of the stuff the feds seized was NOT tainted by listeria!
Did God tell Christine O'Donnell to use campaign funds to pay her mortgage too?
And in other news, Paul the Octopus, who successfully predicted the outcomes of all the World Cup matches, was found dead in his tank this morning. He was two-and-a-half.
Holy crap #4, this is not a small matter. People die from listeria. If a pregnant woman eats listeria-contaminated food and gets infected her baby dies 22% of the time---end of story. And they refuse to recall the contaminated product? How is that OK?
@7. Chill already! Read #4 again. Emor says most of the cheese was ok. It means a pregnant woman could eat it, and more likely than not, her baby doesn't die. Where's the problem?
So how are you supposed to know what's OK and what's not when you're buying it in the store, #8? Listeria has no taste, doesn't change the color of the product, is undetectable by you or me. The bacterium gets into the cheese/dairy/ice cream processing system and multiplies there. The colonization then spreads to multiple product lines---and how Emor can tell they were safe when the creamery couldn't (they were still sending out tainted product) he doesn't say.

The appropriate response it to recall everything, shut the plant down, sterilize and re-open, cf. Umpqua Dairy's response to a similar outbreak earlier this year. And this creamery refused. Just because it was all organic and stuff doesn't mean it's safe. The FDA carries a mandate to keep lethal pathogens out of the food supply; this dairy is refusing to co-operate.

The CDC estimates that foodborne illness causes 76 million illnesses a year in the US, with 325,000 hospitalizations and 5000 deaths resulting. Of the known pathogens, Listeria is in the top three. In other words, more people die of contaminated food every year than died in the 9/11 attacks.

So chill yourself. This is not small potatoes.
@4 Yeah I mean who would not want to buy products from a company where 'most' of their items are free from deadly bacteria. Its like a fun lottery of death!

Shut the dirty hippies down. This was not the first time they tested positive.
Most of the stuff the feds seized was NOT tainted by listeria!

quoted for unintentional hilarity.
i THINK what @4 is saying is that their cheese is fucking delicious, local, delicious cheese is a good thing, and therefore they need to tighten their shit up so they don't poison people.
@9: my comment @8 was supposed to be funny. I thought the "more likely than not your baby won't die" would be a tip off re this. You and I are in agreement on this issue.
Eek! Sorry Eric! Irony does not emanate well in the blogosphere. (Does it help any that once I knew it was ironic, I did find it funny?)

I must admit, I have a total thing about the way the FDA often FAILS to ensure a safe food supply, so this is a hot button issue with me.
I'm not just blowing smoke here. This is my favorite B-52's song. Ever.

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