In Case You Missed It: With submachine guns drawn, Seattle police bust down door of medical marijuana patient in pursuit of two lousy pot plants.

Yesterday in Downtown Seattle: A man was fatally shot in the head.

Today in Things That Might Possibly Result in Two Dozen Tornadoes: A giant storm system stretched Tuesday night from Alabama to Maryland, spawning at least 24 possible tornadoes.

No More Four Loko: TOP Food and Drug pulls caffeinated malt liquor product that sickened WSU CWU students from its shelves.

I Didn't Think This Story Could Get Worse, But This Makes It So: Dad describes pit bull that killed his 3-day-old baby as 'very loving.'

(It's Called Blair's Mega Death Sauce and Allegedly 500 Times Hotter Than a Jalepeno): Cleveland couple sue Steak 'n Shake for serving a hot sauce that sent their son to the hospital.

The Needle and the Damage Done: Man who allegedly tattooed a penis on his friend's back charged with assault.

He Should Kick Himself All the Way to Jail: The father of a 4-year-old boy who accidentally shot his mom on Monday "is kicking himself" for giving the boy live ammunition.

"Russian Bears Treat Graveyards as Giant Refrigerators": Food shortage near Arctic Circle drives bears to feed on corpses.

Thanks, Bud: Old rich man donates $1 million to fight to legalize pot in California.

The Day the (Free) Music Died: A federal judge has ordered LimeWire to disable its software.

In My Day, You Had to Bend at the Waist with Arms Straightened and Palms Together While a Nurse Ran Her Finger Up Your Spine. It Was Creepy.: Saliva test detects scoliosis.

Finally, happy birthday to 1999, Prince's double-album dance manifesto, released on this day in 1982. Today is also the birthday of Simon Le Bon, but he only gave the world maybe two or three great songs while 1999 gave the world at least six. Here's one. (Video's a bit blasted, but audio's good.)