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So.... reading between the lines.... did the departing MD just stop doing his job?

Intiman's (and The Intiman Foundation, which is the entity overseeing their endowment) 2008 tax returns apparently weren't submitted by the former Managing Director until just this past February (covering their Fiscal Year running May 1, 2008 through April 30, 2009), at which time the endowment's 990 reported just under $3 mm in assets. So, in 18 months it appears they've withdrawn some $2 mm of that amount - something that, if true, would indicate the theatre has been bleeding money to the point that they had to spend two-thirds of what is supposed to be a long-term stabilization fund just to cover day-to-day operational expenses.

Can't wait to see how 990 Nerd tries to spin this bit of news...
Okay, this is weird: I just got one of those Val-Pak coupon envelopes in the mail today and guess who's got a "1/2 Off Adult Tickets" coupon inside for "The Scarlet Letter"?

I mean seriously, a Val-Pak coupon?

If that doesn't smell of desperation, I don't know what does...
Evidently Mr. Comp-te is now able to pay full price for his theater tickets.
It's not the issue of discounting per se @5. As you are no doubt well aware, most theatres are very generous with their comp and discount tickets. But, in more than 25 years in this town, and as someone who has constantly received these coupon packets in the mail during much of that time, I don't believe I've ever seen a major non-profit arts org (or a minor one for that matter), utilize this particular method for offering discounted tickets.

Now, one might argue this is simply a new, perhaps even innovative strategy by Intiman's marketing department to try to draw in more patrons, particularly those who may not regularly attend shows there. But at the same time one cannot help but ponder whether lumping themselves in with carpet cleaners, pizza parlors, oil change services, and tanning salons is really going to result in any sort of measureable increase in ticket sales, even at 50% off.

Seriously, are the people who attend shows at Intiman, or theatre in general really the sort who make their purchasing decisions based primarily on whether they can get a deep discount, or are they rather, the sort of people who do so based on the quality of the production and the reputation of the company? If it WERE the former, then one must ask why so many in the past decade or so have elected to pass up the opportunity to receive such discounts provided by season subscription packages, and instead have shifted to attending individual productions, even at a higher per-ticket cost?
at least this sheds light on what's actually happening at Intiman... the same could not be said for another arts nonprofit that just recently shed most of their full-time staff who (rumor has it) are also experiencing similar issues but claim it's "due to weather":…
Let it go under. This is only the first of many. We are in ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. Lets direct our attention to a non-sinking ship. Anybody viable? anybody? We can all come together in a Seattle world that has only two regional theaters and maybe make those theaters make relevant work. Intiman wanted to go "Global" with the introduction of Ms. Whorskiy. Lets take it Local and let Theaters that cannot properly govern themselves sink, so that the donors donate to the the theaters that make good decisions.

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