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Cilantro is disgusting and dangerous!
Cilantro is haven't lived until you've had it on thin crust barbecue chicken pizza. Heathen.
it either tastes like soap to you or it doesn't.

hey italy, sending an innocent woman to prison for 30 years is probably punishment enough. an additional trial for 'slander' says more about you than it does about amanda knox. she really doesn't have any money to pay you with.
Cilantro is hella nasty. I always get extremely nauseous when I am unfortunate enough to consume it.
More than any other ascendant nation, India is the most important to the U.S. I'm happy Obama is recognizing this.
Cilantro kicks ass. I fear all you people are straight up retarded.
The "Family Affair?" link is bad.
Yup, in support of cilantro here. You can't have good guacamole or salsa without cilantro. Meanwhile, let's dump on parsley!!! lol.
Cilantro brings joy. So did Bramlett - that anecdote about her all freshly sober backhanding the 24 year old Costello at the height of his own drunken assholery is a great favorite story. Here's a bit I remember warmly from my youth: her with David Crosby on the old Roseanne TV show.…
Cilantro haters are genetic freaks, obviously, because cilantro is clearly delicious.
Posting to support Team Cilantro Is Disgusting.
@10 and others: It is a genetic thing. Cilantro tastes like soap to some people (the freaks) and tastes like fresh-squeezed delicious to us non-mutants. Sorry, guys, your loss!

Yep, I'm a genetic freak who thinks cilantro tastes like buggy soap but at least I don't have salmonella right now.
Cilantro ruins everything people who like it have no taste.
People who don't like cilantro have been scientifically proven to have something wrong with them.
Despite knowing of Elvis Costello for 32 years now I have only heard of his drunken slur today. I enjoyed listening to him on NPR's "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" "Not My Job" segment.
It figures that a bunch of sheltered wimpy white Seattle libtards can't handle cilantro.

No wonder there isn't any good Mexican food anywhere in Seattle AT ALL WHATSOEVER.
Thanks for reminding me that I lost my old Rickie Lee Jones CD and need to buy it again (not on a disk this time, though).
Cilantro is best bought and served fresh.

You should always wash it in clean fresh water and then hang it to dry for a bit (or put on a clean towel) before using it to make an excellent pahd thai.

The eggs for that are a risk factor - wash your hands with soap and hot water after handling the egg for frying.
Looks like an important piece of news was missed this morning. I know many sloggers don't believe that sex trafficking happens in the US, and especially not in Seattle (No! Not here!). But a recent undercover raid discovered 23 child prostitutes in the Seattle area over the weekend.

It's real people. Time to start doing something about it.…

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