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A City of Silent Thugs


I've visited Seattle from Texas three times since July. Just as advertised, its a madly alive and vibrant city, but people can be uniquely unfriendly. Out of reflex I routinely offer passersby on the sidewalk the greeting of the day and a smile, 'cause that's how I roll. Almost always I'd get a look like I'd puked on their shoes. Even in NYC I'm more likely to get a "'Sup!" and toss of the head than in Seattle. If I didn't have friends there already I can imagine it could be a deeply isolating place.
Seattle sucks. It is full of wimpy white libtards who grovel before and kiss the asses of black thugs.

Black thugs make up less than 3% of Seattle's population, but over half of all murders in Seattle are committed by black thugs.
Well, according to this poor young woman twice assaulted, at least one of those thugs was of pale complexion. And actually, blacks make up at least 8% of Seattle's population.
If you think that Seattle sucks so bad and you are tired of seeing whimpy white libtards and black thugs, do us all a favor and move down to the backwoods in the rural South, or just move all the way down to hell. Your call.

And to the first comment, I am from the South as well and I too noticed how hard it is to get strangers to say hello or even smile, but I'll take that over rigid conservatism.
"And actually, blacks make up at least 8% of Seattle's population"

You aren't accounting for the fact that a good bit of that 8% are children, elderly, and females. I accounted for that.

Black males ages 15 - 55 make up about 3% of Seattle's population (or less).

Seattle's great. Overall the crime rate's fairly low. Yeah, there are some opportunistic thugs who prey upon the mellow vibe - but we also have trigger happy cops who shoot innocent people.

"Seattle sucks. It is full of wimpy white libtards who grovel before and kiss the asses of black thugs."

Dude, you should try living in the South. They have thugs there, too - despite the fact that the 'lynching' mentality's alive and well.

I will say that the women here are less than friendly, to say the least. Hetero dating in this town sucks, unless you're 22 or have a six-figure salary.

"despite the fact that the 'lynching' mentality's alive and well."

Such total stereotypical libtarded reality-ignoring horse shit!!!!

At least 94% of the roughly 8,000 blacks who get murdered in the USA every year are murdered by OTHER BLACKS!!!!

The number of blacks killed by other other blacks in ONLY ONE YEAR in the USA is almost THREE TIMES the number of all the blacks who were murdered by all the racist lynchings in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE USA COMBINED.
I got raped by a cop, who do I call?

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