News Nov 25, 2010 at 4:00 am

Man Murdered with Hatchet on Capitol Hill, Suspect Arrested, Motive Remains Unclear

Kelly O


This story is "so Seattle"!!!
Well, this is another example of slap on the wrist for violent backgrounded individuals. I'm tied of seeing serial assaulters and rapists going through a revolving door justice system. But, Heaven Forfend, if you were to take non-pharmological mind-altering substances? It's a nice long stay in the slammer for you, bub. Up the river to the hoosegow wit' ya.

Unrelated: what is the vernacular import of "so Seattle"?
Someone said that about an outfit I wore once, and to this day I'm not sure if I was being complimented or insulted.
egad the typos. that's enough of that, I'm off to bed.
stupid tryptophan-carb brain damage.
Who is next? Mental fun on Capitol hill continues... What a 3rd world country this city is. I traveled a lot to large cities, but I have never seen so many stray unsupervised mentally ill people in public space or at public facilities anywhere else except San Francisco. You have to drive and have a garage to be safe in this town. 75% of foot/transit traffic here has mental issues big time and it even normalized. you'll be lying to yourself if you disagree. Something is terribly wrong with a local mental health system here.
This is a deeply disturbing and tragic incident. Unfortunately, with recent cuts to mental health funding, Seattle and the surrounding areas will likely see more incidents like this one. We all know the cuts are drastic and social services are always hit hardest. However, many do not realize that cutting many of these programs leads to more costly consequences down the line. With services to the most mentally ill being all but eliminated, there will be more people on the streets without the proper medication. This leads to more incidents (violent and non-violent) that require police and other emergency interventions. The monetary costs of emergency response are far greater than those of offering medication and treatment to individuals with mental disorders. Additionally, most might agree that the cost of human lives is certainly worth covering antipsychotic medications to those who need them.
Treatment at Seattle Mental Health. Go figure...
A horrible, senseless tragedy- but aside from that, that poem would make an amazing hardcore song!

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