Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is a Weakling: World leaders respond to the recent release of a quarter-million secret U.S. diplomatic cables discussing a unified Korea, how to empty Guantánamo Bay prison, unflattering gossip about Vladimir Putin and President Karzai, and much more. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is expected to go on a Mea Culpa world tour to address the "Sept. 11 of world diplomacy."

Get Your Shit Together, Oklahoma: Bigoted voters in the state have banned state judges from considering Islamic religious law, as well as any form of international law, when deciding cases—even though Islamic religious law has never been considered in such cases. Ever.

The Spirit of Christmas: An Oregon mosque is set ablaze in retaliation for a Muslim youth's plot for an explosive attack on the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, OR.

Portland's Living Building: The city's downtown plan to build a "terrestrial NASA space station" that'll generate all its own electricity, process its own water, and leave no carbon footprint.

Fossil Fuels Get a Pass: Obama administration doles out billions in "clean energy" stimulus funds to the nation's biggest polluters—oil firms, chemical companies, and coal-burning utilities—while also giving them sweeping passes on the most basic forms of environmental oversight.

Are Full Body Screenings Unconstitutional? An argument for why they're neither "minimally intrusive" or "effective."

New Picassos Found in Garage: The question is, were the 271 pieces stolen by his electrician or gifted?

Crisis in Haiti: 12 of the country's 18 presidential candidates have denounced Sunday's elections as fraudulent, amid mounting public protests demanding a recount.

Aging Gracefully is Not an Option: Scientists reverse aging in geriatric mice, swear humans are next.

Missing Kitsap Pilot Found: Dead in plane wreckage.

Newsworthy: Man eats potatoes, stops.