Needy: Washington state treasurer seeks to close the $4 billion hole in the state pension fund for teachers and state workers—a hole that could push the state into the costly dilemma of paying for benefits out of the general fund in the next few decades.

Devastated: The brother of accused Capitol Hill hatchet murderer, Michael LaRosa.

Gay: Two City Light workers are suing Seattle for alleged sexual discrimination, claiming that they've been passed over for promotions.

Charged: Federal Way man accused of beating his girlfriend's two-year-old to death after she soiled her diaper.

Sham: New report says supplements are unnecessary—you're probably not Vitamin D or Calcium deficient.

Groomed: Muslim leaders accuse FBI of entrapment after undercover officials helped—and then arrested—a teen suspect allegedly plotting to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, OR, last Friday. Yesterday the 19-year-old suspect pleaded not guilty to charges.

Shady: European Commission will investigate whether Google unfairly lowers rankings results of competitor search services and manipulates ad prices.

Targeted: Wikileaks founder says a "major American bank" will soon have tens of thousands of its internal documents leaked online.

Battling: Republican Joe Miller still fighting for Lisa Murkowski's Alaskan senatorial seat, challenges 8,153 ballots, demands recount, bleeds from eyes.