Poor Guy: Man who jumped yesterday from a King County Courthouse window had a history of depression.

Morally Permissible: Local ethics group approves of stunting the growth of profoundly disabled children so they're easier to care for.

Stroke of Midnight: Last night, two million Americans lost their emergency unemployment benefits as Congress failed to reach an agreement on how to extend long-term benefits.

Lame Ducks: Republicans plan to block all Democratic initiatives—like DADT, unemployment insurance and the DREAM Act—that aren't tax cuts or provide government funding during the current session.

Molly Moon's New Location: Vote on whether Ballard, Madrona, or Queen Anne deserves a new ice cream shop in their neighborhood next summer.

Katrina Vs. BP: Experts say man-made disasters like the BP oil spill prompt suicide, divorce, and domestic violence rates to spike whereas natural disasters create nurturing communities.

Mercury's Homosexual Agenda: Scientists find that mercury poisoning turns birds gay for each other.

Degenerate Art and the Muted Heroism of Erhard Oewerdieck: Sexy sculptures condemned by Hitler and thought destroyed by Nazis were recently found buried in Berlin, likely saved and hidden in a tax lawyer's office.

Secure Flight: Airlines now provide passengers' personal data to the government so they can be checked against terrorist watch lists before they fly.

Running Out of Rope: Iranian mistress hanged, representing Iran's 146 execution this year, according to news outlets.

Dueling Beauty: A look at Colombia's rival beauty pageants—one to crown Miss Colombia and the other to crown Queen of Cartagena’s slums.